Special meeting of Rouhani and Qalibaf in Pasteur

Special meeting of Rouhani and Qalibaf in Pasteur

Eghtesadnews: The news received by Eqtesadnews indicates that prominent and influential economic figures of the government and parliament discussed the possible changes of the 1400 budget in a meeting with President Hassan Rouhani and Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf this afternoon.

According to Eqtesadnews, the focus of this meeting, which is being held in Pasteur, is how to compensate for the resources after the letter from the Supreme Leader regarding the withdrawal from the National Development Fund.

A few days ago, in response to the President’s letter, the Supreme Leader emphasized that the share of withdrawals from the National Development Fund in the export of more than one million barrels of oil should be in the amount specified in the law and some of the planned expenditures from this fund should be from public sources. It is predicted that the implementation of this order will affect at least 40,000 billion tomans of the resources provided in the budget bill. At the meeting, the two sides are scheduled to discuss how to compensate resources. It is said that the parliament wants to increase at least 45,000 billion tomans in tax revenues. At present, the tax revenues projected in next year’s budget bill are 225 thousand billion tomans, and with the proposal of the parliament, about 20% will be added to the tax revenues.

According to rumors, the Program and Budget Organization agrees with this proposal, but the Minister of Economy emphasizes that it is not possible to collect tax revenues of more than 225 thousand billion Tomans.

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