Special services for nurses of Ofogh Kourosh chain stores

According to the public relations of Ofogh-e-Kurosh chain stores, Naeem Ebrahimian; Announcing this news, the company’s vice president of marketing said: “In line with the coordination made between Ofogh-e-Kourosh chain stores and the country’s nursing system organization, on the eve of Hazrat Zeinab’s birth and Nurse’s Day, with the aim of celebrating the country’s nursing staff, always and especially in recent years.” “With the outbreak of the Corona virus, we have been at the forefront of fighting this epidemic and defending the health of the people, and rightly so.”Health DefendersThere have been three special services Discount Presents the axis to the nurses who are members of the country’s nursing system.

Ofogh Kourosh, Deputy Marketing Director, added: Nurses who are members of the country’s nursing system can be installed Akala application (Online sales of Ofogh Kourosh) To enjoy a discount of 50 thousand Tomans. There is also a five percent discount for nurses in excess of the usual discounts of the Cyrus horizon. In this way, the information sent by the Nursing System Organization of the country is entered in the database of Ofogh Kourosh Chain Stores Company, and based on that, a five percent discount of surplus will be provided to nurses. (To see more discounts go to Akala Magazine See)

Ebrahimian continued: “Until the end of the corona virus epidemic in the country, the goods ordered by the precious nurses will reach the Ofogh Kourosh online store in less than an hour and for free, without any restrictions.”

In the end, Ofogh Kourosh, Deputy Marketing Director of Chain Stores, said: “Currently, in addition to these special services, which are intended for the occasion of Nurses’ Day, we are trying to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Nursing Organization, which will finalize the range of services provided to nurses.” Dear, the country will be wider.