Special TV programs for Yalda night

TV on the night of Yalda this year due to the need to observe health procedures and avoid holding family sessions; In line with this ancient tradition, it has prepared programs.

TV channels on the longest night of the year; They will show family tours, peace of mind, respect for elders, reconciliation, love and joy.

“Dastpakht” Yaldaei Channel One

“Dastpakht” to show respect to the hard-working white people of our country during the birth of Hazrat Zainab (PBUH), on Saturday and Sunday night by inviting dedicated and hard-working nurses, shows the cooking competition of these loved ones.

The guest nurses of this program warn people not to gather on Yalda night. Mehran Rajabi, Nader Soleimani and Amir Karbalaeizadeh are three figures who are present in this competition not as guests and participants, but as judges. Three families, along with their grandparents, have been invited to the competition to prepare traditional Yalda dinner by cooking traditional food.

Meysam Darvishanpour and Majid Afshari will also perform stand-up comedy in this special program, and Bijan Lord, a Gilani singer, will perform in this program. “Dastpakht” will be broadcast on Saturday and Sunday night after the 7 pm news on Channel One.

The TV series “Returned Check” and “Safe House” are also on Channel One and will be broadcast at 6pm and 10pm.

The TV movie “Yalda Night Watermelon” directed by “Saeed Agakhani” will be broadcast on the first Monday of January at 30:00 AM on Channel One.

“Iranian Yalda” with the presence of figures in frame two

Yalda 99 of Do Sima TV, with the special program “Iranianish” with the performance of Majid Vashghani and Giti Khameneh, commemorates this ancient Iranian religion and celebrates the birth of Hazrat Zainab (PBUH).

The programs “At the End of Alvand”, “Family Age” and “Long Live Life” are also aired on Yalda Channel 2 on the occasion of the occasion.

Special Yalda program “Come with us” performed by Azita Rezaei and Mojtaba Zarifian at 3 p.m. “Bacheh Mahal” at 19:00 on Saturday and Sunday, December 20 and 20, and the introductory program “Koi Mohabbat” on the occasion of the birth of Hazrat Zeinab (sa) on Saturday at 9 pm for 20 minutes and on Sunday, December 21 at 1:30 PM for 45 minutes on the air. goes.

Saturday, December 20, after the program “Iranian Yalda”, the telefilm “Seagull” directed by “Morteza Motavari” shows an influential story of the medical staff in a hospital in Ahvaz, which tells the great position of the nurses of this land and water. Is.

Live program “New Couple” Yaldaei Channel 3

The program “Sneezing” with Yalda weather will be aired on Channel 3 on Sunday, December 21, before 7:00 PM.

The live program “New Couple” will be broadcasted on Channel 3 after the news of 19 until the special night of Yalda night with the performance of Barbad Babaei and special guests.

This year’s Yalda with “Art Nights” of Channel 4

On the night of Yalda, the program “Nights of Art” will be aired on Channel 4. This program will be broadcast with the presence of artists and experts in the field of culture and art. A band is also scheduled to appear on the show. “Nights of Art” will be aired at 10 pm at the same time as Yalda night with the performances of Javad Molania, Alireza Bahrami and Reza Mahdavi.

“Pomegranate” special program of the longest night of the year on Panj Sima network

The combined program “Pomegranate” on the occasion of Yalda night with different performances of Bahmaneh Hashemi and Seyyed Morteza Hosseini will be aired for three nights from Friday, December 19 to December 20, 2010 at around 9 pm on Panj Sima.

The programs “Rainbow” and “Let’s Go Home” will be aired specially designed by the studio with winter elements and setting up a Yalda night chair.

“A New Day” and “Quarantine” are also presented to the audience on Yalda night.

The Panj Sima network has also prepared the movie “Always Happiness” for broadcast on Yalda night. This comedy movie directed by “Andrama Kumar”, produced in India in 2019, will be broadcast on Sunday night after the 24 o’clock news.

The return of “Radio Haft” and “Ghand Pahlo” of Shab-e Cheleh Education Network

One of the new events in Yalda 99 TV is the return of the popular program “Radio Haft” to the education network.

“Pahlo Sugar” is a special program that has been prepared by Amir Ghomayshi for Yalda night. This program will be aired on Sunday, December 20, from 8 pm to 10 pm with the performance of Nasser Seif, Shahram Shakiba and Reza Rafi.

Yalda Jam Jam for Iranians Abroad

Jam Jam World Network welcomes this night on the night of Yalda with a special program called “Khaneh Mehr” on Friday, December 19th.

“Iranian Collection” with 120 minutes of live program, welcomes poets with the theme of Yalda night.

The documentary “The Story of Tehran” and the movie “Quartet” directed by “Mohsen Damadi” will be broadcast on Yalda night after the program “Iranian Jam” on Jam Jam network.

“Shootballs” on Yalda night on Nasim network

The new season of “Shootball”, which has recently been added to the broadcast of Nasim network programs, will be one of the special programs of this network, which will be performed by Hamed Ahangi and Mobina Nasiri.

This year, like last year, the “Open Book” program will air on Yalda night with a different atmosphere, and Soroush Sehat and other presenters of the program will be present.

Hamid Goodarzi will be in charge of the special performance of the Yalda program of this contest in the “Kudak Show” program. This competition, which usually hosts celebrities on special occasions, will also be broadcast on Yalda night with the presence of artists. Of course, the structure of this competition is different from other parts of it and the traditions of Yalda night will be performed in it.

Yalda videos on Tamasha TV Tamasha TV on the last day of autumn at 2:00 PM with the release of music videos such as “Drawing the World”, “Family Perfume”, “Yalda”, “In the Color of Pomegranate”, “Yalda Night”, “Cup” and Valves Especially on Yalda night, it creates pleasant moments for the viewers.

“Night Shift” Health on Yalda night

The health network will be a guest house for 180 minutes with its special Yalda program called “Night Shift” from 20:15. The producer of this program is Seyed Mohammad Hosseinpour Fazelinejad. This program will be a combination with the presence of a group of health advocates of artists and people of culture and art in order to protect and commemorate Yalda night.

The connection of Quran Network with the shrine of Hazrat Zainab in Shab-e Cheleh

The program “Circle of Anas with the Holy Quran” will be broadcast from Khatam Al-Anbia Hospital on Sunday, December 21, at 12:30 PM, and the Ansarian speech will be broadcast at 4:40 PM on the Quran and Ma’aref TV channel.

The special program on the night of the birth of Hazrat Zeinab (PBUH) from the holy city of Mashhad will be aired at 7 pm on Saturday, December 20th, and on Saturday and Sunday, December 19th and 20th, at 9 pm from the shrine of Hazrat Zainab (PBUH).

Dr. Rafiei’s speech from the shrine of Seyyed Al-Karim will be broadcast on this network on Friday, December 19, after the Maghrib Adhan and on Saturday, December 20, at 12:40 PM.

On the night of Yalda and the birth of Hazrat Zainab (PBUH), the cameras of the Quran network communicate directly from the holy shrine of Hazrat Zainab (PBUH) at 19:00 and the holy city of Mashhad at 21:00. Also, on Sunday, a special program will be broadcast from 9 pm from the holy shrine of Hazrat Zainab (PBUH) along with a eulogy.

Along with Saba animations on Yalda night

On the occasion of the arrival of the longest night of the year and the Iranian Yalda, Saba Animation Center introduced 9 animation programs to be broadcast on various TV channels. These animated productions for 2 hours and 34 minutes include the series “Hazar Afsan”, “Talaieh”, “The Adventures of Mr. Shahrvandi”, “The Clever Rooster and the Tricky Fox”, “Life Skills”, “Wiz Wazak”, “Semno and “Shaqaqal”, “Huhokhan Bad Mehraban” and “Chia Collection”.

“Happy Reader” with a portrait of Manouchehr Azari with the audience of this year’s Yalda Documentary Network

“Shad Khovan”, a documentary portrait of Manouchehri Azari, produced and directed by Abolfazl Tavakoli, will be broadcast on Yalda night at 9 pm on the Sima Documentary Network.

“Shadkhan” is about 60 years of Manouchehr Azari’s professional life, and it will be dubbed using archival images and photos of the culture of Mehrparvar, the artistic couple of Mr. Azari, and the living memory of actor Hossein Erfani and his lasting voice. Parts of this documentary were filmed in Tehran Bazaar and parts of it are spent in memory of playing in the building of Arg Radio. In this documentary, the old colleagues and family of this artist are also interviewed.

Durham ‌ Shab Cheleh with Omid Network

The “Family of Hope” program will air for 120 minutes on Sunday, December 20, with the invitation of numerous guests, including storytellers, narrators, mentors, Iranologists, and young memorizers.

The “Frame of Hope” program will also host teenage audiences on this memorable night by inviting guests, experts and various sections at 17:15 for 57 minutes.

The program “Single Person” with special sections of Yalda and “Astrolabe” and “Secret Island” contests with questions related to this ancient ritual, Saturday, December 20 at 7 pm, Sunday, December 20 at 18:45 and 30 minutes Monday morning On the first of January, it goes on the antenna of Omid network.

The movie “Midas Box” directed by “Jonathan Newman” will be broadcast on Sunday, December 21, at 11:00 PM on Omid Network.

Live connection of Sima Sports Channel on Yalda night from Darbandsar ski slope

The special Yalda night program will be broadcast live on the sports network in the snowy area of ​​Darbandsar ski slope, live, at 22:00 in the morning. Firooz Karimi, Mehdi Tatar, Fanunizadeh brothers, football veterans, Behdad Salimi (weightlifting champion) Hamed Mehdharnia and Shahram Zandi, singers on Yalda night, will accompany fans and sports fans by attending this program.

Cinemas of the night show network

The movies “City of Mice”, “Horny”, “Starting Point”, “Courtship” and “Painful Love” at 13, 19, 21, 23 and 1 o’clock in the morning on Sunday, December 20, respectively, on the Show Network for fans Is broadcast.

Source: Khabaronline