Spectacular video from moment to moment of crocodile footprints in Chitgar Lake + video

The special operation to find the crocodile of Chitgarh Lake has ended.

Maleki, a spokesman for the fire department, said: “Operation patrols and search for crocodiles by firefighters began more fully today than around Chitgar Lake.”

Firefighters in the area around the lake and the shoreline, as well as part of the surrounding forest, using boats, on the surface of the water without entering the water, taking into account all precautions.

If a case of such an animal is observed or confirmed, the crocodile of Lake Chitgarh will be caught and restrained.

The head of Tehran’s Environmental Protection Department explained the sighting of crocodile footprints in Chitgar Lake.

Crocodile footprints in Chitgar Lake, Tehran

Fatemeh Borna, the head of Tehran’s Environmental Protection Department, said about the issue of observing crocodile footprints in Chitgar Lake in Tehran: “The issue raised about observing crocodile footprints in Chitgar Lake is not specialized.

He added: “This animal can not live in this lake at all, the crocodile must come to the surface of water and land to rest and eat food, which has not yet been observed in the observations and studies of the Environment Organization.”

The head of Tehran’s environmental protection department said: “Someone may have left this animal in this lake, but in any case, the living conditions of this animal will not be compatible with this environment.”

Borna noted that the presence of this animal in Chitgarh Lake could cause concern for the people, adding: “Although Chitgarh Lake is currently closed, it will be a good opportunity to study this issue in detail.”

It is worth mentioning that yesterday, Saturday (December 13th), a crocodile was observed in Chitgar Lake, which was reported by Seyed Arash Hosseini Milani, the head of the Environment and Urban Services Committee of the Islamic Council of Tehran, stating that the domestic crocodile may be smuggled. “There is evidence, including a kind of footprint, that raises doubts about the existence of this animal in the lake, and therefore, bait,” he said, adding that it has become popular these days and was abandoned by an irresponsible citizen in Lake Chitgarh. This is done so that if such an issue is true, the issue will be clarified as soon as possible and the security and comfort of the citizens will be provided.

Close Chitgarh Lake to search for 3 and a half meter crocodiles

While the municipality of Tehran has ruled out the existence of a crocodile in Chitgar Lake, a member of the city council says that Chitgar Lake has been closed to investigate this issue and firefighters are monitoring the lake.

Since yesterday, news about the existence of a 3.5-meter crocodile in Chitgar Lake has been published in cyberspace and social networks, and this issue has provoked various reactions, although at the beginning of this news, the head of Tehran’s Environment Department announced: No one can confirm the issue yet, but the published images have sparked speculation.

The municipality of Tehran initially ruled out this issue; Shina Ansari, Director General of Environment and Sustainable Development of Tehran Municipality, said about the presence of a suspicious species of crocodile in Chitgar Lake: We asked the General Department of Environmental Protection of Tehran Province and visited Chitgar Lake and grounds several times. Scientific information that this species is crocodile is unlikely.

He continued: “The crocodile is an amphibian and must come out of the water for hours, and considering that this suspicion was created two or three weeks ago, as a result, it should have been seen outside the water during this period.” On the other hand, crocodiles die at temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius, and in Chitgar, the coldness of the air is less than this temperature, especially at night.

The crocodile must come out of the water for hours.
Director General of Environment and Sustainable Development of Tehran Municipality, stating that it seems that the species in the duck lake is a fish, said: the face of these species is similar to a crocodile from a distance and they probably confused it with a crocodile.

Ansari stressed that the aquatic environment of the lake should be fully monitored and examined, adding: “But the biologists said that due to the cold weather, this animal is a crocodile, however, more studies are being done by experts.”

In response to a question about the release of certain species in artificial lakes, he said: “Keeping animals that are not domestic is against the law, but if someone has a wild species, assuming a baby crocodile, and can not keep it and for any reason in the lake To give up is illegal and is considered a violation. The Environmental Protection Agency is in charge of this matter, and in case of such a problem, they should refer to the Environmental Protection Agency to help and guide them, and these special species should not be released in ponds, lakes and pools in parks and public places of the city. To be.

Firefighters begin operations to find the crocodile
Mehdi Davari, CEO of the Tehran Fire Department, also stated about this incident on his personal Twitter page: The fire brigade has started a search operation in Chitgar for the past few days and will continue until the final conclusion of this operation.

The foot of the irresponsible citizen was opened to the incident
Following the speculations, an irresponsible citizen was involved in the incident, and Seyed Arash Hosseini Milani, a member of the presidium of the city council, also said in Tehran: Abandoned, there is evidence, including a footprint, that raises doubts about the animal’s existence in the lake.

The presence of a crocodile was reported by 3 people
“Over the past few months, about three people have reported seeing a crocodile-like animal in Lake Chitgar, which has not yet been confirmed, but Prime Minister Nouri, the head of the city council’s health, environment and urban services commission, told Fars.” Since the safety of the people is a priority, the management of the collection has taken control of this issue to determine whether the issue is a rumor or a fact.

The problem is from 3 years ago
He added: “The fire department has taken steps to investigate the matter, but not to mention, the management of the protection system in the lake has been applied and it is certain that there has been no problem in the last three years, and if this is true for Before applying protection systems.
Nouri pointed out: “It is possible that people came to Chitgarh Lake while having fun and left some of their pets in the lake, which are difficult to keep at the same time as the animal grows up, and this animal is of the same category.”

Chitgarh Lake was closed
The head of the Health, Environment and Urban Services Commission of the City Council, noting that there are currently a large number of fish of different species in Lake Chitgar, said: “In general, now due to speculation in this area and the possibility of danger from that Lake Chitgar is closed.” It has been decided that more equipment and facilities should be considered on site and the case should be fully investigated by the collection management.

Examination of lake water by an aquatic expert
Nahid Khodakarami, a member of the Tehran City Council, told a Fars reporter about this issue: “This is one of the rumors that must be proven or disproved. The existence of a 3.5-meter crocodile in Chitgar Lake is an unusual issue with the organization.” Tehran’s environment has been coordinated so that an aquaculture expert can take the necessary measures to study the lake’s aquatics.

He added: “Aquatic animals inside the lake have their own special biological conditions and it does not seem that the Persian Gulf lake is the place of this large reptile because it has no way to open waters unless it has entered the lake from outside.”

Rumors must be carefully investigated
This member of the Tehran City Council said: “On the other hand, this reptile is not small that can be easily thrown into the lake water, so this is a subject that should be really tested.”

Where does the story end?
Speculation about the existence of a crocodile in the Persian Gulf Lake has intensified, and firefighters have sought to find out and find traces of the crocodile, but what is certain is that the lake has no access to open water and how the crocodile enters the lake. Is the question. Some cyberspace users have also expressed concern that there may be not just one but other cases of this crocodile in the lake water. Now we have to wait and see where this story will end.

Search for Chitgarh Lake Crocodile

Search for Chitgarh Lake Crocodile

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