Startups worth more than $ 1 billion / US; Unicorn cradle in the world

Online Economy Sajjad Rafi; The trend of the global economy in recent years indicates the key role of startup companies in improving the level of production and employment in different countries. Improving the status of startup ecosystems by governments with the aim of increasing the number and size of these companies can be interpreted in this regard. The issue that eventually led to the formation of startups worth more than $ 1 billion around the world. In this regard, we will continue to introduce Unicorn and the countries that benefit from it.

Definition of Unicorn

In general, startups worth more than $ 1 billion are called unicorns. The term Unicorn was first used in 2013 in a note from Eileen Lee entitled “Welcome to Unicorn Club; Introduction to $ 1 Billion Startups”. The term means unicorn and refers to the small percentage of unicorns from all existing startups.

America, the cradle of Unicorn

Evidence suggests that more than 600 unicorns are active around the world. The United States and China top the world in terms of hosting 235 and 119 unicorns, respectively. In this regard, India with 24, Britain with 23 and Germany with 12 unicorns are in the next ranks.

The most valuable unicorn

At present, the Chinese company ByteDance (active in the field of artificial intelligence) with a value of more than 140 billion dollars, is the most valuable unicorn in the world. With 60,000 employees (twice the number of Facebook employees), the company is providing services in more than 150 different markets around the world. In this regard, the number of ByteDance users exceeded one billion in June this year. In this regard, Didi Chuxing, Space X and Stripe are the next most valuable unicorns in the world with $ 62, 46 and 36 billion, respectively.

Fintech, the creator of the most unique

Despite the relatively large diversity of Unicorns’ field of activity, FinTech is the main focus of these companies, hosting 70 units (14.3%). In this regard, the fields of e-commerce, software and artificial intelligence with 61, 60 and 46 unicorns, respectively, are in the next ranks of the list.