Statement by Iraqi scholars on the anniversary of the martyrdom of the resistance leaders

According to Borna, a group of Iraqi scholars issued statements on the first anniversary of the martyrdom of Haj Qassem Soleimani, former commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, deputy head of the Al-Hashd al-Shabi organization.

The statement, signed by 99 Iraqi scholars, called al-Hashd al-Shabi “a waving flag and a guarantor of the security and protection of Iraqi unity” and called for its full support.

The full text of this statement is as follows:

“in the name of God”

These days we are in coincide with the first anniversary of the martyrdom of Martyr Haj Qassem Soleimani and the Commander of Martyr Abu Mahdi Al-Mohandes and his companions.

This is a harrowing incident perpetrated by the terrorist government [آمریکا] It happened, the existence of every free human being in the world shook and we need to remind the following to celebrate this anniversary:

First, the United States and President Donald Trump, who did this, know full well that the martyred commanders are a major barrier to the spread of terrorism in the region, but the United States does not want stability in the region, especially in Iraq. They are well aware that the prosperity of Iraq and its growth and development, and their presence in this country, is a great destruction to their detriment. That is why it is very important that the resolution of the parliament on the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, which has been passed for a year, be implemented and fully implemented, provided that it is expedited.

Secondly: According to the statements of the supreme religious authority, the martyred commanders have always been the heroes of the victory fronts, so everything they have done is as much as their responsibility, and these heroes of the victory fields should be honored and respected in the best possible way.
And anniversaries and memorial ceremonies should be held for them every year so that their path remains alive and prosperous and their educational role in establishing the epic and heroic stories of these zealous heroes on the victory fronts of truth against falsehood is alive and human memories are never forgotten.

According to the Supreme Religious Authority, the special role of the late Haj Qassem Soleimani during the years of war with the terrorist elements of ISIL in Iraq and the many hardships they have endured in this way will never be forgotten.

Thirdly, it is obligatory for us to celebrate the first anniversary of the martyrdom of the martyred commanders, considering that Iraq has celebrated thousands of martyrs with rosy shrouds, dear veterans and martyrs in order to preserve and save the homeland and fight terrorism.

And today, Iraq, with so many martyrs, veterans and martyrs, should no longer witness the conspiracies and plans of the American-Zionists, because they want to turn Iraq into a weak, dependent and dependent country, so that it can be continuously politically, economically and culturally. Be vulnerable.

Therefore, in order to preserve and safeguard the achievements of this great victory, we must support and respect Hashad al-Shaabi; Because Hashad al-Shaabi is waving the flag and guaranteeing the security and preserving the unity of Iraq and its authority.

A group of Iraqi religious scholars:

1) محمد الحیدری
2) Hamid Al-Husseini
3) Sheikh Kazem Al-Abadi
4) جاسم الصافی
5) جبار المعموری
6) Balsam obligatory
7) Ahmad Hamza Al-Musawi
8) Ibrahim al-Bahadali
9) Jawad Al-Husseini
10) Sajjad Al-Mubaraqa
11) Sabah al-Battat
12) ضیاء الصافی
13) Abdulmuttalib Al-Musawi
14) Sheikh Mohammad Ali Al-Abadi
15) Ali Ali Khan
16) Ali Javad Al-Musawi
17) فلاح العلوی
18) Laith Al-Haydari
19) Waiting for Al-Musawi
20) Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Husseini
21) Sheikh Ali Al-Badiri
22) Sheikh Jassim Al-Tamimi
23) Sheikh Jabbar Al-Ghanami
24) Sheikh Jamal Abu Shaba
25) Sheikh Habib Al-Assad
26) Sheikh Hussein Al-Taie
27) Sheikh Hassan Al-Shabaki
28) Sheikh Hassan Al-Asadi
29) Sheikh Khalid Al-Daraji
30) Sheikh Khalil Al-Shammari
31) Sheikh Sajjad Al-Saadi
32) Sheikh Saeed Al-Taie
33) Sheikh Sabah Al-Jubouri
34) Sheikh Zia Al-Sabti
35) Sheikh Aref Al-Asadi
36) Sheikh Abbas Al-Zalmi
37) Sheikh Abdul Rahim Al-Fadli
38) Sheikh Abdul Rahman Abu Ja’ila
39) Sheikh Aqeel Al-Musali
40) Sheikh Ali Al-Masudi
41) Sheikh Ali Al-Aqili
42) Sheikh Ali Zanganeh
43) Sheikh Ammar Al-Jabri
44) Sheikh Isa Al-Shaghanbi
45) Sheikh Fajri Al-Musali
46) Sheikh Fallah Al-Saadi
47) Sheikh Faisal Al-Alawi
48) Sheikh Mohsed Al-Fatlawi
49) Sheikh Muhammad al-Asadi
50) Sheikh Mohammad Al-Tamimi
51) Sheikh Muhammad Al-Najjar
52) Sheikh Wissam Al-Saraj
53) Sheikh Wahab Al-Sadeqi
54) Sheikh Yasir Al-Alawi
55) Sheikh Abdul Amir Al-Saadi
56) Sheikh Ahmad Al-Araji
57) Sheikh Karrar Al-Karzai
58) Sheikh Ali Hassoun Al-Saadi
59) Sheikh Mohammad Hussein Abu Shaba
60) Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Al-Aidawi
61) Sheikh Hisham Al-Shammari
62) Sheikh Misagh Al-Humiri
63) Sheikh Rashid Al-Badri
64) Sheikh Ali Al-Sahlani
65) Sheikh Mohammad Hassoun Al-Alawi
66) Sheikh Raad Al-Bahli
67) Hussein Haidar al-Bakhati
68) Sheikh Baha’uddin al-Bayati
69) Sheikh Ammar Abdul Karim Al-Musawi
70) Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Wahed Al Saadi
71) Sheikh Ahmad Shalal al-Fatlawi

72) Sheikh Faleh Mehdi Al-Jalihawi

73) Sheikh Qasim Al-Arezi
74) Sheikh Hassan Al-Mehrabi
75) Sheikh Naji Al-Khaqani
76) Sheikh Majid Al-Naili
77) Sheikh Rahim Al-Khazaei
78) Sheikh Yaqub al-Bahadali
79) Sheikh Abdul Hadi Al-Janabi
80) Baqir Al-Jabri
81) زینل الاعرجی
82) Sheikh Ehsan Al-Hasnawi
83) Ahmad Mahmoud Al-Haidari
84) Abdul Ali Bakhati
85) Sheikh Mazen Al-Baiji
86) Kazem Al-Musawi
87) Sheikh Salem Al-Saadi
88) Sheikh Majid Al-Kaabi
89) Sheikh Adnan Jassim Al-Ghanami
90) Hussein Hammoud Al-Zameli
91) Sheikh Hamza Al-Fatlawi
92) Sheikh Rasool Al-Mariani
93) Rabi al-Musawi
94) Sheikh Ayad Al-Mansouri
95) Nail Al-Musawi
96) Mahnad Al Isa
97) Sheikh Wael Al-Shammari
98) Sheikh Jafar Al-Bayati
99) Sheikh Haidar Al-Kaabi