Statements by the Vice President of the Exhibitors Union regarding the pre-sale of cars of non-manufacturing companies

According to Eghtesadnews, quoting the Young Journalists Club, Nematullah Kashani Nasab, Vice President of the Automobile Exhibitors Union, referring to the latest situation of buying and selling cars in the open market, said: “There are no deals in the open market and buying and selling cars to It has reached zero. This situation is not unique to one exhibitor and all exhibitors suffer from this condition.

The vice-president of the union of car exhibitors, emphasizing that transactions are zero and only prices are announced in cyberspace, and even in this space, there is no buying and selling, said: Such a situation in Car market It has no precedent and the exhibitors have lost. The exhibitors have not had any income for almost a month, and we hope that prices will stabilize in the future.

Kashani Nasab regarding the installment registration of new cars by small car manufacturers, said: If car manufacturers proceed to pre-sell, people will register cars with confidence in them, car manufacturers such as Iran Khodro, Saipa, car managers, Bahman Motor and. .. Automakers They are licensed but other companies are not trustworthy at all.

The vice-president of the Automobile Exhibitors Union continued: “Pre-selling cars by non-manufacturers is not legal, imports are not free and people should not trust car sales companies.” Car Prices Last week, only those who needed a car for personal use went to buy a car, and the purchase for investment in this area has reached almost zero.

Emphasizing that prices will not stabilize until automakers market their cars, he said: “Because there is no stability in car prices, people refuse to buy, on the other hand, there is a seller in the market.” Car price changes due to fluctuations exchange rate That has strongly affected the car market.