Steelmakers offer all their products on the stock exchange

Alireza Razm Hosseini told reporters on Tuesday after attending the Civil Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly about the price of steel and cement: “I appeared before the Civil Commission today about the price of steel and cement and the price of these two goods.” Which are involved in the construction of the building, I explained; The delegates were very careful about how the market was managed.

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade stressed the need to offer all steel chain products on the stock exchange, adding: “In the past one or two months, we applied a method in the government’s economic headquarters to manage the market, but after the implementation of this method, prices decreased, but Global steel prices have risen in recent days, with lawmakers worried.

Razm Hosseini pointed out: The law has allowed us that steel products should be offered on the stock exchange and producers should offer all their products on the stock exchange; Next week, a steel committee will be formed to complete the supply of steelmakers on the stock exchange so that prices will be more balanced.