Stock mark to dollar market + chart

Stock mark to dollar market + chart

American coins and banknotes continued to fall in price

According to reports EconomyNews On Tuesday, the American banknote had a very low volatility trend and fluctuated in a small and limited range of 25,680 to 25,780 tomans. In fact, the distance between the floor and the ceiling of the price in the American banknote market was 100 tomans, equivalent to 4 tenths of a percent. Result Dollar fluctuations In this range, the drop of this currency was 20 Tomans compared to Monday and it was at 25 thousand 710 Tomans. The limited fluctuation of the dollar occurred in the context of the overall index Exchange In the first half of Tuesday, more than 25,000 units lost their value and reached the range of 1,412,000 units.

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Some activists believed that the downward movement of the stock market these days is a signal of lower inflationary expectations of the market players and gradually these expectations in Currency market Will also be created. According to this group of analysts, the stock market has been the leader of the markets this year, and traders in this market have always welcomed the growth and reduction of prices. For example, the stock market experienced heavy growth in the first four months of the year, after which currency and coin markets struggled to catch up with the stock market as prices rose. When the stock market began its second wave of decline in the fall, coin and dollar traders reacted with a delay from the second month of the fall. A group of traders, relying on the slow and declining trend of the stock market in recent days, believe that the dollar and consequently the coin will follow a downward path. However, another part of the experts have a different opinion and believe that with the devaluation of the entire stock index, liquidity will gradually enter the currency and coin markets. This group believes, Interest rate It is not very attractive, as a result of weakening the stock market, it will lead to investors leaving this market and entering parallel markets.

Stability in the remittance market is tangled

Today from the market side حاله درهم No specific signal was sent to the domestic foreign exchange market. The dirham remained in the range of 7,150 tomans, which was no different from the previous day. Activists also said that the volume of tangled transactions did not change much and that sales were as low as on Monday. Dirham stability can pave the way for the stabilization of the dollar in the same range of 25,700 to 25,800 tomans.

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