Stock market forecast for tomorrow, January 2, 1999 / The market does not have the strength to climb

According to Tejarat News, the stock market has a balanced trend and the overall index today fluctuated a lot between positive and negative suffering. But considering the supply pressure in the last minutes of today’s stock market and the decrease in the volume and value of trades, what will be the stock market trend tomorrow?

Mehdi Rezayati, a capital market expert, said regarding the stock market trend of tomorrow: “Considering the trading trend and supply pressure in the last minutes of today’s stock market, tomorrow’s stock market will probably have a downward trend and supply will be higher than today.” However, due to the movement of the homogeneous index, money in the stock market is probably directed towards small shares of the stock market.

Eliaskordi’s message regarding the continuation of stock exchange transactions this week also said: “I think the continuation of the stock market trading trend will be balanced.”

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