Stock market greening at the beginning of the week

On the first trading day of the week, the cash flow created different conditions in the stock market, so that the equities index, which is equally affected by all trading symbols, increased by about 2%, which in turn indicates the return of luck. It has most of the shares of listed and OTC companies in the country’s stock market. In the market on Saturday, the dispute between the real and the legal reached its peak, and most of the stock sellers in the last few trading days, yesterday formed long buying queues and changed the market trades to the positive; So that the value of retail transactions on the Tehran Stock Exchange also reached 11 thousand 140 billion tomans following this event.

In fact, based on the net statistics of changes in the ownership of stock exchange industries on this day, micro-shareholders made an active presence on the side of buying stocks; So that the net purchase of real goods reached 1195 billion tomans. In the meantime, groups including base metals, chemical products and metal ores were welcomed by the realities of the market, respectively. On the other hand, industries such as investments, banks and telecommunications were included in the portfolio of legal investors, and a kind of net purchase of legal entities took place on Saturday in these three groups, respectively. Meanwhile, during yesterday’s trading, we witnessed the return of market leaders, who are often in the group of industries and commodity-oriented companies and companies, when the dollar exchange rate left the range of 25,500 Tomans (as of the time of preparing this report). The stability of the current situation and the absence of new political risk make this rate more likely to fall. Meanwhile, the positive trend of the weekend in the world markets was noticed by the traders. Where copper reached $ 8,000 per tonne and Brent oil exceeded $ 52 per barrel.

The extension of the FATF review, the Palermo and CFT bills by the Expediency Council were among the important issues that traders ignored to some extent in their day-to-day calculations of this political risk. In fact, the market as a whole, according to parameters such as the fundamental potential of industries, due to the value of stock prices in the current range and the impact of rising global prices on the stocks of companies active in the capital market continued to rise. The behavior of shareholders shows that while the shadow of the 1400 budget is still present in the calculations of market participants, this risk in the minds of traders has now somewhat diminished and traders are waiting for new parliamentary reforms. According to experts, this change in approach in the trading environment took place at a time when shareholders now realized that the government budget was unrealistic and that MPs needed to reform it. Therefore, with the prolongation of the process of changes in the budget of 1400, there will be an opportunity for some activists of the country’s capital market to make a profit in the eyes of some analysts.

While yesterday Heshmatollah Falahat Pisheh did not evaluate the expediency of the FATF as positive towards the FATF, the possible openings in the field of “FATF” can provide the basis for the development of banking exchanges and facilitate the process of export and import in the field of money. سازد. According to stock exchange activists, failure to open in this area can lead to the growth of expected inflation in the overall economic environment of the country, in which case some export companies and often dollar-based will benefit and others different and sometimes unexpected behavior. They show.

Statistical narrative

During yesterday’s trades, out of 333 stock exchange symbols traded, 151 symbols (equivalent to 45.3%) had a purchase queue worth 1660 billion Tomans and 29 symbols (equivalent to 9%) had a sales queue worth 197 billion Tomans. Meanwhile, the newly introduced symbol “Web Ali” with a volume of 98 million shares had the highest purchase volume and “Waskhraj” with a sales volume of 65 million shares had the highest sales queue. In OTC trading (main OTC market) out of 133 symbols traded, 67 symbols (equivalent to 50.3%) had a purchase queue worth 948 billion Tomans and only 6 symbols had a sales queue worth 16.7 billion Tomans. The newcomer “Vakbehman” experienced the largest volume of buying queues and “Madeira” experienced the largest volume of sales queues in this market.

In the OTC market, out of 125 active symbols, 70 symbols (equivalent to 56%) formed a purchase queue worth 351 billion Tomans and 30 symbols (equivalent to 24%) formed a sales queue of 543 billion Tomans, which on Saturday “Sheptro” had the largest volume of purchase queues. And Foucault had the largest sales queue. Of the total stock exchange and OTC, about 70.6% of the symbols with a positive final price and 25.5% of the symbols with a negative final price ended yesterday’s trading. Among these, three stock exchange symbols “Family”, “Steel” and “Fars” and three OTC symbols “Aria”, “Maroon” and “Midco” had the most positive effect on the two indices of the stock exchange and OTC.