Stock market magic! / What is the story of project design in the stock market?

According to Tejaratnews, in 1399, the number of real people participating in the stock market increased significantly, and according to experts, the stock market coordinates due to high participation and investment without training in the stock market caused some analysis in the stock market to behave Give excitement. This allowed many people with capital to influence the value of small stocks in the stock market with large amounts of capital, and these stocks grew higher than their real value.

Even now that the stock market climate is negative, there are symbols in the stock market that have seen strange growth since August and the beginning of the stock market crash.

The question is, who benefits from projecting shares and who loses in the process?

Mohammad Mehdi Ashrieh, a capital market expert, told Tejarat News about projecting some symbols: “The issue of projecting shares has been from the beginning and the stock exchange organization has resisted these violations, but the volume of such violations does not seem small and pursuing such legal cases is time consuming.” Is. Basically, those who have significant capital consider a share with their money and inject their resources into this share, and because the shares they choose have a low market value, they grow with the resources of these people. On the other hand, because the coordinates of the stock market are mass, real people, after seeing the cross-sectional growth of these shares, form a buying queue for these symbols, and this also causes the growth of these shares. But those who injected their resources into these shares, after a while, sell their shares drop by drop to real people, and this outflow of capital causes that symbol to start falling, and the real people who bought without considering the terms of the share. Get caught in the sales queue.

Mohammad Khabarizad, a capital market expert, also said about projecting: “The term projecting in the capital market has been known for a long time and it means that some symbols that have a low market value are shown with tricks higher than their real value and ordinary people.” They encourage the purchase of these symbols.

“Free cheese can only be found in mousetraps,” he added. There are some symbols that grew a lot, but after the developers emptied the back of these shares, they fell sharply and did not return to their previous ceiling for years, and the micro-shareholder profits at a loss.

Also, Hamid Asadi, a capital market lawyer, told Tejaratnews in this regard: “According to Article 46 of the Securities Market Law, projecting is subject to manipulation in the stock market and it is a crime, but sometimes a person wants to own a percentage of a low market value.” Increase that the injection of financial resources will increase the price of this share, but the purpose is not to increase the ownership of market manipulation, and only this heavy purchase has increased the share, which is not subject to manipulation in the stock market. But changing the trend of the share exponentially with financial resources or making false reports and seducing others to buy this share and selling this share to real people is subject to honesty in the stock market.

What is the solution to deal with stock exchange projects?

Although the stock exchange’s oversight has taken significant steps against developers and those manipulating the stock market, the question is why is it possible for people in the stock market to do so?

Mohammad Mehdi Ashrieh, a capital market expert, said regarding the solution to counter such measures: “Generally, the existence of fluctuations causes more manipulation in the stock market.” If there is no volatility in the stock market, there is practically no point in projecting. If the fluctuation range is removed, it will be difficult to project and it will require a lot of capital, but now with about 100 billion tomans, the shares can grow exponentially. On the other hand, the buyer of a share must make a decision based on reality and pay attention to the share foundation. That is, the stock market analysis should take place and shareholders should research and ensure the value of the stock before buying it. Speculation in the stock market increases when the range of volatility is limited.

Mohammad Khabarizad, in an interview with Tejarat News, said about the solution to deal with the developers: “Although the solution to counter the manipulation in the stock market is judicial confrontation, but experience has proven that this solution is not responsible in the long run and this problem must be solved from the root.” The stock market needs to be strengthened in terms of strong analytics and equity culture. Judicial solutions do not help the shareholder and it takes a long time for the perpetrators to project a share, and pursuing the losses of countless shareholders is a time-consuming task that does not happen in principle.

He added: “In order to increase stock market analysis, micro-shareholders should be advised that none of the investment advisors in our country provide services to micro-investors, and I think they should give permission to real people who specialize in this field to analyze the market.” Stocks do not expand. Portfolio managers and investment advisors should increase and serve micro-shareholders, but there is currently no portfolio management for micro-shareholders. On the other hand, indirect investment in the stock market should increase and shareholders who do not have enough knowledge should invest in funds.

Hamid Asadi, a capital market expert, said about the ways to deal with projecting: “In the first place, shareholders should be aware of the stock market risk and move towards shares with the foundation. The Exchange Organization has considered less volatility to support shareholders in high-risk shares.” The organization monitors the stock market with monitoring systems, and the reason for stopping some symbols is growth or unprofessional trading.

He noted: “Investment models in Iran are different from the rest of the world, and people are more looking for which shares are more supported.” In my opinion, to prevent projecting, we should create a small percentage of ownership in free-floating stocks so that no one can have a large percentage of a symbol to have a big impact on the share price. On the other hand, the daily trading volume must be specified so that no one can move the share in one day.

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