Stock spell failure / return real money to market

According to Eghtesadnews, in today’s trading on the Tehran Stock Exchange, the total index increased by 36,309 units to 1,290,522 units.

The weighted index also rose by 3,086 units and stood at the level of 437,926 units. Also, the total index of Farabus increased by 357 units and reached 17 thousand 827 units.

Real money entry

On Tuesday, after 22 consecutive working days, we saw real money entering the market. The net value of the change of legal ownership to the real total of the stock market was 57 billion tomans, which has increased by 112 percent compared to the previous day.

In today’s transactions, the largest inflow of real money had Ryan Hamvaza Company (Rafza), which was worth 72 billion Tomans. After Rafza, Shepna and Foolad had the most outflows of real money.

Good day Rafza

In today’s trading, the Rafza symbol had a 6% price increase. It was also at the top of the table with the most OTC symbols and the highest inflow of real money.


Impressive contributions

“Fars”, “Foolad” and “Famli” were big symbols and market indicators that had the most positive impact on the index. In the table, the most traded stock symbols are Barakat, and opal and stabilizer are in the next ranks. Rafza, Kazgal and Vespehr are the most active symbols in OTC.

Green Bazaar Groups

On the green day of the stock exchange, all the symbols of the groups of banks and credit institutions, petroleum products, coke and nuclear fuel and multidisciplinary industrial companies had price increases.

Growth in the value of retail transactions

Today, the total value of stock market transactions reached 23 thousand and 547 billion tomans, which has decreased by 54% compared to Monday. The value of retail transactions also increased by 12% and reached 7 thousand and 97 billion tomans.

Growing value of shopping queues

At the end of today’s trading, the value of shopping queues increased by 268 percent compared to Monday and reached 619 billion tomans, which is the highest figure in March. The value of sales queues also decreased by 34% and amounted to 1,675 billion tomans.

Today, Mobarakeh Steel Company of Isfahan (with the trading symbol of steel) topped the market demand table with a purchase line of 124 billion Tomans. After steel, Shatran (Tehran Oil Refinery) and Shepna (Isfahan Oil Refinery) had the largest buying queue.

The highest sales queue also belonged to Sanir (White Cement Neyriz), which had a sales queue of 51 billion Tomans at the end of transactions. After Senir, Khazar (Zar Spring) and Beno (New Trade Insurance) had the highest sales queue.

Stock market map based on trading value

Stock map