Strange event in the payment of justice dividends / justice dividends can not be withdrawn?

According to Tejarat News, it seems that the payment of justice dividends one or two days before the end of the year has been accompanied by many margins and errors. One of the problems that some justice shareholders mention is that they have received a text message of interest payment but are not able to withdraw this interest.

This is one of the mistakes of depositing justice dividends. A mistake that comes with the New Year holidays and now people do not know where the problem comes from and how they can reap the benefits.

In the following, you will read the messages of some business news audiences regarding the non-withdrawal of justice dividends.

Why can’t it be harvested?

“God, I laughed, I got 74, but it can not be taken.

“How long is the game ridiculous?” “I have 185 tomans of justice dividends in my account, but it cannot be withdrawn. What does that mean?”

“98 tomans have been deposited for me, but only one figure added to my account cannot be withdrawn.”

“I have one million shares. You poured 98,000 tomans in dividends. “As soon as you spill it, you can’t even understand what the situation is.”

“I also got the morning profit in the account. “His message came, but when I went to pick it up, it was not there. I do not know why it was not just the amount of profit, otherwise all the money that was already there was available.”

“Last night, 79,000 tomans were deposited. “I took a balance from my card in the morning. It was zero.

“I received a text message from Bank Melli, but now that I have gone to pick it up, why do I not have any balance?”

Justice dividends returned?

“Where should we ask why justice dividends cannot be withdrawn?” “I mean, what text message came, but you do not have the right to withdraw?”

“I’m sorry, 98 tomans was deposited for me, but I went and drew a balance and saw that there was no money. I have not received any message about withdrawing money. what is the problem?”

“185 thousand was deposited for me, its name came, but it is not in your account, that is, it has been returned or it cannot be withdrawn?”

“I received a text message of 91 thousand tomans. I wanted to withdraw it, but it was not said.

In its latest announcement, the Privatization Agency explained how to resolve its ambiguities about interest payments. To see this news, see the link below.