Strange prediction about Yahya Golmohammadi’s students!

Mohammad Panjali, a player and former manager of the Persepolis team, said about the situation of the whites these days:

Fortunately, Persepolis is in good condition and can continue this process until reaching the next championships. The team got off to a good start in the league and took the first step firmly in the FA Cup to give the fans more hope for the next championships.

Referring to Persepolis’ leading game against Masjed Soleyman Oil, he emphasized: “All teams have a high motivation against Persepolis and are looking to have the best game and performance in this match.” Naft is a tough opponent who will probably face Persepolis to get the least points from this match and will most likely play a closed game. In the meantime, if the kids can score quickly, they can win against this team better and easier, and add 3 points from this match to their previous savings.

Regarding the new acquisitions of Persepolis, Mohammad Panjali clarified: Mehdi Torabi, who played for Persepolis and has experience in this team, and showed in the National Cup that he is in good condition both mentally and technically and physically, and It can have the former return for Persepolis. Meanwhile, Moghanloo and Faraji also have a successful record and resume, and considering this issue, they can help Persepolis in the team’s upcoming games. Of course, the issue of coordination between these people and the team should not be forgotten, but I am sure that this will happen very soon. Overall, I think good transfers have been made for Persepolis and these people can be successful in Persepolis.

The former captain of Persepolis said in the end: Persepolis has all the necessary tools to win the next championships and God willing, the children are getting better every day and with the continuation of the previous successes, in the league, the cup and also the Asian Champions League in the new year to 3 championships. Give us all a gift.