Strange resemblance between Bijan Banafshehkhah and her daughter + photo

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Watch Bijan Banafshehkhah, a famous comedian, with her daughter.

Bijan Banafsheh Bijan Banafshehkhah is a famous actor in cinema and television. Has played a role. Reza Banafshehkhah is the father of Bijan Banafshehkhah. Bijan Banafshehkhah has two children named Amir Ali and Yasmin.

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Comedian with his daughter


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Marriage of Bijan Banafshehkhah

He got married in 1988 and has two children named Yasmin and Amir Ali. His wife is one of Lily Rashidi’s friends. She is always satisfied with consulting with her husband. The eldest child of Bijan Banafshehkhah is that if he got married in 2009, how can his son Amir Ali be so big? Was his son Amir Ali his first wife? Or that his wife has been married twice, which is not to be found in any speeches or interview sources.

Bijan Banafshehkhah Cooking

He does not have much knowledge in cooking. He likes northern foods such as Baqalaqatough, Mirza Ghasemi, smoked fish and و and does not like sour chicken among northern foods.

Bijan Banafshehkhah Filmography


  1. Little Heroes (Hossein Qanat 2016)
  2. Hashtag (1395)
  3. End of Mehr Street (Kamran Qadakchian 1394)
  4. دربست (1393)
  5. Wafa 2012 (1390)
  6. You are better than us (1389)
  7. Naughty Dance (1379)


  1. 2016 Bachelors Soroush Sehat Network Three
  2. 1395 Jim Ali Shabkhiz Town, Seh Network
  3. 1394-1695 سه شو (مجری) سایت 3
  4. 1394 Star Competition (Moderator)
  5. 1394 Special case of Afshin Arbabi
  6. 1394 Head to the path of Saeed Soltani
  7. 2014 Do not touch Giza Amir Ghaffarmanesh
  8. Bad days, in Saeed Agakhani Nowruz 93
  9. 1392 Pejman Soroush Sehat channel Three
  10. 2012 Thieves and police Saeed Agakhani
  11. A contribution for Masoud Atyabi’s friend in July
  12. 1390 Reza Karimi Long Way
  13. 2011 Rental house – the first series of Ramin Naser Nasir
  14. 2010-2011 Soroush Sehat Doctors Building, Seh Network
  15. 1389–1391 Coffee Bitter Mehran Modiri
  16. 2008 Two thousand faces Mehran Modiri Nowruz 88
  17. 1387 Hidden, but obvious Seyed Mohsen Yousefi
  18. 2008 Divorce in overtime Seyed Mohsen Yousefi
  19. SMS from Diar Baghi Sirus Moghadam
  20. Sweet Wishes Seyed Vahid Hosseini
  21. 2006 Shahab Abbasi “Painful Vacation” telefilm
  22. Oxygen Mehdi Mazloumi
  23. 2003 Minoo Garden Reza Safdari
  24. 2002 Under the City Sky – The third series of guests Mehran Ghafourian
  25. 2002 Without explanation by Mehdi Mazloumi
  26. 2001 Middle floor of Mehran Ghafourian
  27. 1379 White cottage Mehrdad Rayani special
  28. TV director Rahman Seifi Azad: “Bijan Samsami”
  29. 1379 Juicy Shah Rahim Rahimipour
  30. 1378 Flowers 78 Mehran Ghafourian Nowruz 79
  31. 1378 Harf To Harf Mehran Ghafourian
  32. 1999 These are some people Mehran Ghafourian
  33. 1377–1378 Eid of those years Saeed Ebrahimifar
  34. Station 77
  35. 1376 Flowers 76 Massoud Abparvar Nowruz 77
  36. 1375 Nowruz 75 Dariush Kardan Network 1
  37. 1374–1375 Mehdi Sabbaghzadeh, grandmother of thieves
  38. 1995 The Last Star of the Night Manouchehr Pourahmad
  39. 1994 The third smile of Massoud Rashidi
  40. 1994 Wives of Bijan Birang
  41. Guest actor Masoud Rassam
  42. 1373 War 39 Dariush Kardan
  43. 1994 Baba Mohsen Taghavi’s son is part of the “White Peak of Happiness” collection
  44. 1994 White courier Shadi Mohsen Taghavi Children and Adolescents Program Channel 1

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