Strange revelation of the Persepolis star about the reasons for separating from the Reds

The young and talented midfielder of Persepolis says that the staff of this team put him in the surplus list with “tongueless language”.

“We are ready to play against Esteghlal,” Saeed Hosseinpour, a former Persepolis midfielder who has just joined the car industry, told our correspondent. Our training was good and yesterday Mr. Akhbari was added to the team and we hope that under his supervision we can achieve better results and keep the car industry in the Premier League.

He said about Mehdi Pashazadeh’s separation: “These things happen in football and his responsibility is with the club.” I wish them success and we learned a lot from them during this time. Mr. Akhbari is also a good coach and we hope that he will be successful in the team. As a player, I just have to do my best on the pitch and in training.

Hosseinpour, referring to the match against Esteghlal and its difference from the derby, said: “There is a slight difference, but this is the place I chose and I will do my best to succeed in it.” The derby is a big game anyway and it is unparalleled in Iran and Asia and you can not compare it with other league games. The conditions of the derby are different and Esteghlal has changed its coach compared to the previous derby and we want to win.

In response to a question about the rumor, is there a condition in his transfer clause that he should be fixed in 50% of the games? He said: “No, this clause is not correct and Persepolis Club has not taken such an action.”

The young midfielder said about the type of his contract: “My contract is a loan, but I do not think I will return to Persepolis.” They did not call me with a dumb tongue and told me to go. The staff is successful there and I wish them success, but I hope you understand that in any job, when they do not want you, it is not right to stay there.

Saeed Hosseinpour in response to the question whether he thinks machine building will stay in the league? “This is our whole goal and if I had thought otherwise, I would never have accepted the team’s offer,” he said.