Strengthening the educational infrastructure of West Azerbaijan, including manpower and facilities, is a necessity

According to Borna West Azerbaijan; In a meeting with the Minister of Education on Monday, Mohammad Mehdi Shahriari, referring to the severe shortage of manpower in education, called for the allocation of employment lines and more quotas for Farhangian University in the province.

He said the high density of classrooms due to lack of educational space in the province, especially in Urmia, Piranshahr and Chaldoran, severe shortage of space in Farhangian University and restrictions on recruitment, changing the employment status of contracted forces, especially the family of martyrs and Quranic instructors and assigning teaching staff. And the educators of the literacy movement identified other challenges.

He called for the development and equipping of student camps and counseling centers and centers, paying special attention to the implementation of social harm prevention projects and empowering counselors, and attracting and training educational forces, and said: Providing the necessary requirements for students’ virtual education can be effective in improving the current situation and reaching the national average.

In this meeting, the Minister of Education promised to solve educational problems and problems, as well as a trip to the province to monitor the challenges.