Students must meet the needs of society

According to Shaman News reporter from Shiraz, Dr. Hossein Mohammadi stated on the occasion of Students’ Day: In this regard, professors can establish structured and organized relations with students by organizing universities based on the social and cultural structure of society so that students can plan purposefully and Fit to meet the needs of society.

He added: “If the student is aware of the necessities and requirements of the national and Islamic community and the international community, by entering the university and facing the process of secondary socialization, he will not face cultural conflict and because he knows himself and his cultural elements.” And it identifies itself in accordance with its ethnic, indigenous, religious and cultural subcultures. At that time, it can be said with certainty that students and professors in higher education centers are equipped with modern understanding, in the sense that on the one hand they have high information and mental archives and on the other hand they have the power to correctly identify and analyze various issues of their time. They have a social status and students have been able to modernize their student identity.

He stated: Such trained human factors can be the builders of civilization and developers of their own culture.

The President of Shahid Rostami University of Shiraz pointed out: Higher education has the necessary capacity to start sustainable development due to its very high impact factor in raising awareness and improving the capabilities needed by the people of the society, and any country that wants to enter the development cycle will undoubtedly It has to start from its universities, and the students, as the engine of development, are at the tip of the arrow of this great movement.

Dr. Mohammadi emphasized: The basis and foundation of development is based on the production of knowledge and research, and it is necessary for research and technology to be given priority in order to achieve real prosperity and independence of society.