Substitute this unique drink for tea

“Tea is a kind of plant and because of the substances it contains, some people may get used to it,” he said. “Natural tea takes 20 minutes to half an hour to brew well, but Now, unfortunately, many teas are just dyed.

The traditional healer added: “Genuine tea relieves fatigue and digestion, is invigorating and helps relieve bruises and fatigue, but it is important for people to know the real tea; This is because some of the teas we see on the market are dyed or the tea grounds are dried, dyed, and returned to the consumption cycle.

He said: “People should consume different teas instead of getting used to one type of drink.”

Emphasizing that we need to consume the teas based on the temperament we have found, Moradi said: For example, we should use spring orange teas, lemon juice teas, apple teas and apple teas for a while so that the different effects of these teas reach the body and the body. We are not constantly accustomed to a drink and do not trust it.

The traditional healer added: “I wish people would consume honey or parsley vinegar instead of so much tea; Because honey vinegar is much more than tea can have a positive effect on health.

“One of our problems is the presence of cardiovascular strokes,” he said. “This disease is the second leading cause of death in the country, and the age of onset of strokes has reached under thirty years.”

Moradi added: “This shows that clogged arteries begin in childhood and become symptomatic when they reach adulthood;” As a result, one of the substances that helps to clean the arteries and its long-term use is not a concern is honey vinegar.

“The simplest type of honey vinegar that can be prepared at home includes vinegar, honey, peppermint juice and water,” said the traditional healer, noting that 1,261 models of honey vinegar have been introduced. By combining these materials, after heating it, we get the foam on it.

He pointed out: This drink can be mixed with water and consumed; While this very useful drink can be used at parties and at work instead of tea; Because it prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular strokes and can even cleanse the fatty liver with it.