Summon five senior government officials to answer for the clearance of basic goods

According to Tejarat News, in a letter from the Economic Commission of the Parliament, Mohammad Nahavandian, Vice President for Economy Dejpsand, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance; Hemmati, Governor of the Central Bank; Khavazi, Minister of Jihad for Agriculture; Razm Hosseini, Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade; They must be present at the Economic Commission of the Majles this evening, at the same time as the 29th of Azar, or a fully-fledged and informed representative must attend this meeting.

This meeting is due to review the import status essential products And the measures taken in this regard, and especially why there is a delay of several months in the clearance of these goods will be formed.

Lack of timely formation of the government’s economic coordination headquarters to solve the problem of clearance of goods that were sometimes delayed in customs for six months, lack of timely allocation of currency to basic goods by the central bank, registration of unregulated orders outside the country’s needs and elimination of registration The tracking code of foreign exchange supply with a quarterly deadline, regardless of the future consequences in the foreign exchange market, is one of the axes examined in this meeting.

With a depot of more than eight million tons of goods in customs and ports, half of which were basic goods and the other part were raw materials for production, after consultations and the visit of the First Vice President in October in the port of Shahid Rajaei finally Resolutions were issued to facilitate the clearance of goods, but negotiations continued to facilitate barriers, especially currency issues, until on November 4, the Supreme Leader in his remarks criticized the existing prices and stressed that these prices are not justifiable and should be considered That there is a commodity, the relevant agencies such as the Ministry of Silence, the Penitentiary Organization, Basij and Customs with coordination and management can meet the needs of the market and prices are balanced.

Following his remarks, an emergency meeting was held at the Ministry of Silence with the presence of relevant agencies, and finally, with the issuance of instructions in the Economic Coordination Headquarters of the government, the immediate clearance of basic goods and raw materials was put on the agenda from November 8th.

With the announcement of the approvals of the Government Economic Coordination Headquarters and the Market Regulation Headquarters, it was decided that the Central Bank should provide preferential currency for basic goods without ownership documents, with the priority announced by the Ministry of Silence. Also, the Central Bank should issue a declaration for providing foreign exchange for basic credit goods with a three-month commitment from the time of customs clearance (to provide preferential foreign exchange).

On the other hand, the basic goods and essential goods required by the production units should be cleared through customs at the discretion and announcement of the Ministry of Silence (with a warehouse receipt until November 31, 2010), without the need for a central bank tracking code; So that from 10 November onwards, importers can use banking procedures (Nima currency), import versus export (self and others), for export licenses from 1398 onwards, individuals’ currency, through a comprehensive trade system (control by silence and Central Bank) to use.

Also, the Iranian Customs shall proceed to the clearance of the percentage of basic goods and production inputs (tariff line and priority will be announced by Samat) up to 90% who are in the line of “allocation” or “supply” of bank currency, and on the other hand, if the tariff line In registering the order of goods, it should be changed by customs inference, provided that the trade description of the goods does not change and the line of inferred customs tariff is included in the tariff line of prohibited goods (group 4) or inactive currency priority (group 27), or tariff line of goods with similar domestic production. Otherwise, for items of groups 1, 21, 22, 23 and 24, there will be no need to modify the order registration of the Ministry of Silence.

Source: ISNA