Supply growth and attractive face of rebar market

The chain of the steel market in recent years is such that it can be hopefully relied upon as well as made purchases.

Purchase of steel products according to factors such as the supply of raw materials, production and Prices of steel products is . It is worth noting that the market has seen high price growth in recent months and has cut off buyers from buying. Meanwhile, investors in the steel market and the Organization of Industry, Mines and Trade are trying to resolve this chaotic situation. Therefore, it is necessary to know the price of steel products before buying them. By measuring prices in recent months, we can conclude that prices are interdependent and that each factor can have a significant impact on another factor as the dollar depreciates Rebar price Decreased slightly, but this price reduction was possible to some extent; We can say publicly that we are witnessing a decline Exchange rate We were, but after a while we were faced with a reversal of the downward rate of rebar, so the supply in the market continued reasonably and the market continued to operate. Demand in Rebar market It was good, but the attractive face of the market was a bit tarnished, but we are still waiting for the rebar price to decrease, but how is the supply growth in the rebar market?

This is a question that may have occupied the minds of buyers of this product. Supply growth will naturally come with the price equilibrium of the foreign exchange market. Foreign exchange market given that it has a direct impact on Rebar price Is on The price of steel ingots It has rebar as the main material and raw material. If the price equilibrium does not occur in the ingot market, ie the price of steel ingots changes momentarily, the price of rebar will also change unreasonably. Therefore, the government tries to determine the price of other factories by clarifying the price of ingots in the stock exchange. Of course, it goes without saying that the quality of different standards of ingots can also cause this price change. For example, the Arched ingots Due to being in electric birch furnaces and controlling the desired materials and alloys used in ingots, there is an insignificant price difference. Arc ingots are produced in electric arc furnaces and for this reason analyze The desired level شمش It does not matter much whether this statement is based on the extent to which the elements used chromium and carbon affect the brittleness and strength of the rebar. Chromium and carbon used in arc ingots are also very popular due to the accuracy of the analysis and the materials cast in the desired ingot mold, so that if these ingots are analyzed, we can not find the carbon elements in a part of the ingot higher. Or lower vision. Therefore, the type of ingot produced has a great effect on the strength and fragility of the rebar.


Stalking the stock market and the amount of demand

The hardware market in the stock market showed a different trend, so that we see the entry of all steel products in the stock market, although most Steel products They are on the stock exchange, but some products did not enter the stock market for some reason. The high demand for steel products forced the government to supply steel products on the stock exchange. This trend has led to a more controlled price response. By importing steel products to the commodity exchange, products are sold directly through both the exchange and through manufacturers, including factories that offer their products on the commodity exchange and can have a wide impact on the announcement. Prices are applied through the offering of your product and to the stock exchange. As the company itself as a representative in the stock market; In addition, steel products are offered on the commodity exchange. Mobarakeh Steel, as a manufacturer, sells its products directly. Mobarakeh Steel Company, as a reputable company, has been able to present its product as a desirable example for many years; But what is the stock market like in the current situation?

The stock market had positive indicators in quarantine conditions, this Positive indicators It was so popular in the stock market that quarantine did not prevent it from being desirable or so-called green in the market. The stock market lost this utility after a while because the exchange rate faced problems. The problems of the stock market were such that the price of the currency suddenly followed its upward chart. Ascending chart It is for this reason that the stock market indices lost their usefulness and the steel market showed its red color. The steel market similarly continued its trend in a short period of time until the price of the currency fell and the steel market in the stock market compensated for this rise in another way; Although the rise and redness of the stock market indicators balanced their balance, but this adjustment worked imperceptibly. This price imperfection has not been properly regulated yet, but we are witnessing an improvement in the steel market in the stock market, so the stock market has tightened To control the price so that the market does not lose its balance. The production and development plan in the steel chain is one of the programs that the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade is trying to advance in general, as well as to complete its development plan by listing steel products on the stock exchange. The development of steel products is designed to reduce inflammation and disorders in the field of steel.


Rebar resistance to cheapness

If on Rebar price chart In the last few months, we have come to the conclusion that the price of rebar has been on the rise in recent months in such a way that the market power for buying and selling was lost after that, given that prices are slightly lower. The market did not react to the drop in rebar prices. Prices Slowly, with the fall in the price of currency, the price of rebar also went down, but in the meantime, what were the producers doing in the unfavorable supply and sales situation, and to what extent did these factors affect the amount of production?

Manufacturers indigestibly reduced demand due to inflation and high prices in the rebar market. Given this point, we conclude that the price of rebar can not affect the field of construction and can not meet the basic needs of the people; In the meantime, we can say that the price of steel ingots can have a direct impact on the price of rebar. Given that the price of ingots is different day by day and we are witnessing Price changes of steel ingots And Steel rebars Are . The supply of steel ingots is another factor that if it can affect the price of rebar, it is because when the supply of raw material and the basic material for the supply of rebar is a direct impact on the supply of rebar if the ingots If the steel is supplied in a dense amount, the production of rebar will be difficult, steel ingots will be rebar by being in the rolling process and going through the production process; So we can say that the supply of ingot product also affects the price of rebar and can increase the resistance of rebar against price reduction. The ingots required for the production of rebars in each city are separate, ie in each city the required ingots can be obtained from reputable factories; For example, Khuzestan Steel Ingot is a factory that has been able to provide prices as a reference for determining prices with good supply and high quality. The product of steel ingots is the final product for the production of rebar and meets the needs of the consumer. Now the question arises whether the price of rebar will decrease or not?

Rebar price Given the currency fluctuations in the previous days and also the forecast for the coming days can break this resistance and not last long in the face of falling prices. Rebar price A3 Given that it is one of the most used products in construction, it will have a direct impact on the price of currency, so we can say that when the price of currency fluctuates, it will have an up and down chart.