Supply of 60 million tons of consumer goods in the country in 99

According to Eqtesadonline, quoted by IRNA, Saeed Saremi stated that in the last two years, planning to supply 60 million tons of goods needed for the country’s annual consumption was on the agenda, adding that some of these goods are related to basic items and others To supply proteins such as chicken, milk and eggs.

He added: 35 million tons of goods are supplied from domestic products and 25 million tons through imports, which according to the measures taken so far, 17 million tons of goods have entered the country and the rest are being cleared from ports.

He noted that during this period, the corona had caused short breaks in domestic production of needed goods, noting that imports also decreased slightly due to restrictions on the borders of different countries, but this trend has been resolved.

According to Saremi, despite all the existing problems, 17 million tons of goods have been cleared and the rest are being cleared from ports, thus providing 60 million tons of goods needed annually.

“We have used stocks for distribution in the market when imports have decreased,” he said. “250,000 tons of oil have been supplied from stored resources, which we are rapidly replacing, as well as livestock inputs, 90 percent of which are imported.” Is also provided to improve poultry production from domestic reserves.

He said that 30,000 tons of sugarcane sugar has been injected into the market, noting that due to floods in Sistan and Baluchestan, sugarcane and beet harvests will be delayed in early February and the current needs of the market have been met through reserves.

Commodity prices do not change for Eid night

The Deputy Minister of Supply Planning, Distribution and Market Regulation of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade regarding the goods for Eid night also said: the price of goods will not change for Eid and in case of shortage of items such as rice, sugar and oil, sufficient reserves to supply the existing market Is.

He emphasized that if the market needs, the goods will be injected from the stocks, noting that the fruit will be purchased as in previous years and will enter the market on time.

Saremi said: “In the last year, despite the problems of sanctions and the widespread spread of Covid 19 virus, we have been successful in supplying and distributing basic goods, and so far we have not faced any problem with shortages of goods.