Supply of 74 thousand tons of slabs in the Industrial Products Hall of the Commodity Exchange

According to the news website Baaqtesad, quoting the Commodity Exchange, the Industrial and Mineral Products Hall of the Iran Commodity Exchange will host the supply of 134,352 tons of bloom ingots, 200 tons of cast iron ingots, 3,000 tons of galvanized sheets, 35,000 tons of slabs today, Tuesday, January 30. C and 38,000 tons of SM slabs.

Today, 430 tons of zinc ingots, 15 tons of precious metal concentrates and 10 kilograms of gold ingots will be offered in the mentioned hall.

On this day, the Petroleum and Petrochemical Products Hall of the Iran Commodity Exchange hosts the supply of 51,414 tons of polymer materials, 3,000 tons of slap wax, 3,630 tons of bitumen, 1,000 tons of sulfur and 53,000 tons of vacuum baton.

The Export Hall of Iran Commodity Exchange also sees the supply of 54,500 tons of bitumen.

The Agricultural Products Hall is experiencing the supply of 460 kilograms of export saffron and 610 tons of colonial dates.

The sub-market of Iran Commodity Exchange on this day hosts the supply of 120 tons of industrial soot and 700 tons of steel waste.