Support organization: People should eat fish instead of chicken!

According to Tejarat News, the price of chicken has reached about 35 thousand tomans in recent days. This is while in the last three years, livestock inputs have received 4200 Tomans. But not only has it failed to control the price of chicken with the government, but the chicken has experienced an unprecedented price increase.

Now the director general of the Office of Studies and Planning of the Consumers and Producers Protection Organization has said that importing grain for chicken is a strategic mistake, and on the other hand, it has been cultured in such a way that people mostly eat chicken. However, people can eat fish instead of chicken, which has a higher nutritional value.

The official’s proposal comes at a time when the price of each kilogram of fish in the market is at least twice the price of chicken. That is, while the price of each kilo of chicken is about 35 thousand tomans, the price of fish starts from at least 50 to 60 thousand tomans.

According to Tejarat News, the price of each kilogram of salmon, which is one of the cheapest and most available fish on the market, is at least 55,000 tomans per kilogram.

Or the price of fish duck and white fish is at least 70 thousand tomans. Half a kilo of perch costs about 70 thousand tomans, and salted fish is 80 thousand tomans and milk fish is 90 thousand tomans.

On the other hand, despite the high price of chicken, a family of four can provide a meal with a kilo of chicken, which costs about 35 thousand tomans. But the same family needs at least two kilos of fish to consume a meal, which is between 100 and 150 thousand tomans.

Although the official pointed out that policies and strategies for poultry consumption and fish production should be changed, it does not make much sense to offer such solutions in these circumstances. For an organization that receives 44 billion tomans this year and about 78 billion tomans in 1400, it will provide such a solution instead of supporting the people and regulating the market.