Surely next year’s inflation is more than double the government’s forecast / the real unemployment rate is over 40%!

According to Baaqtesad, Dr. Farshad Momeni, a professor of economics at Allameh Tabatabai University, who spoke at a virtual meeting via the Instagram page of the Institute of Religion and Economics, criticized the 1,400 budget. Putting together an inefficient, corrupt, and perishable cost structure, I can confidently say that next year’s inflation is more than double the figure they are proposing, if not triple.

“But when you say we want to create 22 percent inflation and the estimate is that inflation will definitely double to triple, what is the result?” He said. Particularly when the official apparatus reports, the unemployment rate has fallen in the wake of the coronation and the return of sanctions, and the House Research Center reports that real unemployment is around 12 percent, which you say is not more than 25 percent. And when the reports of the Parliamentary Research Center are published, independent experts show that if we evaluate the logic of development, the real unemployment rate is above 40%.

Dr. Momeni continued: Do you want to establish property rights with the increase of misery in the society ?! If you add the point-to-point inflation rate of November to the rate set by the Parliamentary Research Center as real unemployment, the misery index will exceed 70%. Do you want to objectify social and political, economic and national security with the standard of misery index above 70% for the people to work for development? These are key and strategic things!

The expert on development economics said: “If we are to base the basis and criteria on expert considerations, the parliament and the parliamentary research center must report and respond on the basis of standards that consider the budget at the micro level and the budget as an entry document.” Expenditure that seeks to demonstrate efficiency and optimality for a super-organization, and considers the budget as the most important tool of the government to achieve macro-goals, as well as considering the budget as a one-year plan that facilitates development; Follow up and demand reports and answers with those meters and criteria