Suspension of all Iranian-British flights for two weeks

This morning (Monday, December 1), the Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education wrote a letter to the Minister of Roads and Urban Development in order to take precautionary measures to deal with the mutated type of Quid 19 virus in some countries, all flights Cancel the airlines of Iranian companies to the United Kingdom.

In this regard, “Turaj Dehghani Zanganeh”, the head of the Aviation Organization, said: “All flights to London were canceled for the next two weeks.”

The head of the Civil Aviation Authority said about the details of the cancellation of flights and the arrival of passengers to Iran through third countries: “Most of the passengers were entering Iran through Turkish Airlines, which has also canceled its flights to London.”

He said: “Also, the flights of foreign airlines that transfer passengers from London to Tehran will be canceled, and finally, if a sick passenger enters the country, he will be quarantined through the Ministry of Health.”

“We are waiting for the conclusion of the Ministry of Health, and if the ministry announces that the virus is present in other countries, it will definitely fly to this country,” he said. Countries are also canceled.

The Minister of Health wrote in a letter to the Deputy Minister of Health: “Following the negotiations and previous letters, it is necessary to carefully examine those who enter directly or indirectly from the UK, as well as temporarily suspend flights of domestic airlines to that country.” All those who have entered the country directly or indirectly from the UK in the last two weeks shall be promptly examined and placed under quarantine and full care until the results of the relevant tests are determined.

He continued: “Considering the relations of the United Kingdom with other countries, especially European countries, it is necessary that all air entry points, especially flights from European countries, are closely monitored, monitored and tested by Quid 19, as well as the clinical signs of the people involved.” Be carefully examined.

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