Swimming techniques in Caspian waters

The existence of the Caspian Sea in northern Iran has many advantages. Apart from being a natural ecosystem, the sea can be a pleasure for people and travelers Swim To bring. Large numbers of people going on vacation to the north of the country count down to swimming in the sea.

Mahmoudabad, as one of the most coastal cities in Iran, is a destination for people from other cities. The main economic turnover of this city is on fishing, tourism and agriculture, and renting and buying villas in northern cities, especially in Mahmudabad, is very common due to its coastal location. On the other hand, with the prevalence of corona and observing social distances, it is the best place to buy and sell Mahmudabad villas on the wall. As the weather warms up, many travelers travel to the temperate region of Mahmudabad. Of course, there are bad news about the drowning of some people in the Mahmudabad Sea. This is because people are not aware of swimming techniques in the North Sea. However, this death toll at sea can be reduced by training, advising and providing solutions.

The first step is to get acquainted with swimming techniques in the pool

Many people suddenly choose the sea for swimming without learning the basics and techniques. It is better to first recreate the swimming space in the sea in the pool. It is recommended that you learn to swim with your eyes closed after learning the basics of swimming. Because in the sea, it will often not be possible to use swimming goggles. So start with short distances. Breathing in the sea is somewhat different from breathing in a pool. However, you can practice in the pool so you can practice breathing and movement without the waves.

Be equipped

Swimming in the sea is one of the best ways to relax. But if you are not prepared enough, you will definitely get in trouble. In this case, when you are enjoying the beauty of natural waters, you are surrounded by the waves around you and you are immediately immersed in the water. To be able to swim safely, equip yourself with suitable equipment such as swimming cap, water floating ring and swimming goggles.

Find your swimming rhythm

At sea, your hands spin faster than in a swimming pool. Avoid doing fast movements. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life. This will not damage your muscles. Many instructors believe that the swimmer’s first focus should be on mastering the crawling technique and then their range of motion. Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect swimming rhythm. The ideal swimming rhythm is one that can be maintained continuously at a constant speed for a long time!

Swim in front of others

Swimming is often seen as a solo sport. However, in the open water, there is an opportunity to do group swimming. Because you should not be alone in the sea. Swimming in a group is both fun and one can learn other techniques and skills from them.

Area identification

Before heading to the beach for a swim, check the weather and check the tide schedule. Write down the height of the wave and the time and tide. (Make sure you have local information for the area you are looking for!) Plan your exit before entering the water. Consider any current such as tides or wind direction. Decide how long you will be at sea. It is necessary to check the starting and ending point of swimming. This will enable you to have a good view. Identify hazards at sea. Preferably avoid swimming in areas with large pebbles or rocks.

Swimming in the sea sanitation project

The sea sanitation project, in order to protect and save swimmers, plays an important role in creating satisfaction for tourists on the northern coast of the country. With the implementation of the sea sanitation project, the number of drownings on the shores of the Caspian Sea is decreasing. This means that about 1,200 lifeguards and lifeguards have been deployed on the coast to prevent accidents. Therefore, travelers and those interested in swimming in the sea, can have a healthy and good swimming experience by observing safety tips. It should also be emphasized that travelers should refrain from swimming in restricted areas. Individuals, both locals and travelers, should only swim in areas where marine sanitation projects are implemented. Therefore, due to the danger of swimming in the sea due to its unexpectedness, it is better to swim only in the pool with the presence of trainers and specialists.