Targeting the dollar price in the coin market

Coin prices at the decision point

According to Eqtesadnews, the coin bubble went down to the 3% range to strengthen the downward expectations of traders in this market. Monday, The price of the dollar It recorded a limited decline of one tenth of a percent, but in response to this limited decline, the domestic precious metal lost more than one percent of its value. This caused the coin bubble to fall to a lower level, from 4% to 3%. The decrease in the coin bubble indicates that traders in this market are not very willing to take a buying position; This also strengthens the diminishing expectations of coin dealers.

Withdrawal in the coin market

At the beginning of Monday, the coin dealers tried hard to raise the price of this precious metal above 12 million Tomans, but no factor supported this event. As a result, the bottom of the coin was emptied and the price fell rapidly. The coin has now reached a point where it has to decide whether it wants to move to the beginning of the 11 million Toman border or whether it will be a repetitive story again. In recent weeks, after falling below 11 million and 800 thousand tomans, the coin was generally faced with the support of buyers, and this event may be repeated in the coming days. Technical analysts believe that if the price of the dollar does not fall further, the point of 11 million and 500 thousand tomans is not too risky to buy.


Coin dealers hope for over $ 26

With the market value of coins in the range of 11 million and 750 thousand Tomans, it can be said that coin dealers hope that the price of the dollar will go above 26 thousand Tomans. In fact, with a price of 26 thousand and 500 Tomans, the coin bubble becomes zero. However, it seems that the more frustrated coin dealers are with the dollar, the lower the price of the domestic precious metal. Earlier, coin dealers even bet on dollars above 27 thousand tomans. But that did not happen for the US banknote, and as a result the coin trend has been declining in recent weeks.

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