Teachers should read Article 28 Online Economy

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting Tasnim, Reza Kachueian announced the final results of the components of professional competency assessment and the results of dealing with the protests of some trainees and said: Farhangian University Assessment Center received a registered protest of trainees in the target system by forming a working group. He was responsible for investigating the protests.

He added: “These people can be informed of the final test results from now by entering the target system at hadaf.cfu.ac.ir.”

90% succeed in obtaining a teacher qualification certificate

The Secretary of Farhangian University Supervisory Council, announcing the number of 10,799 participants in the December exam of this year, stated: In the first stage of this exam, 9,212 trainees successfully passed the exam and in the protest stage, then From the calculation of practical teaching scores and cultural component with the change in the correct written score, by registering 777 trainees in the target system, 518 people accepted and finally 90.1% of the participants in the main exam of Article 28 trainees succeeded. Graduated and received a professional qualification certificate.

The person in charge of organizing the correct exam further said: in the stage of reviewing some of the objections approved and accepted by the exam commission, a review was performed and by changing the score of the components, the final acquired score of the eligible students was adjusted.

He spoke about holding the corrective compensatory exam in late February or early March of this year and added: “People who have not succeeded in obtaining a passing score in the comprehensive exam in December can participate in the compensatory exam by obtaining a quorum, a certificate of professional competence.” Get a teacher.

A member of the board of directors of Farhangian University clarified about how to hold the corrective compensatory test: the executive instructions and how to hold this test will be notified to the trainees as soon as possible.

The Head of the Deputy for Supervision, Evaluation and Quality Assurance, reminded in the end: the time of registration of trainees to participate in the corrective compensation test will be announced later.