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Tehran hotels They host travelers all year round with various services and facilities. Providing complete welfare and entertainment services in luxury hotels in Tehran puts them one head and neck above other competitors. However, other hotels have not been delayed and have tried to return to the competition by updating their services and equipment and attracting many tourists. Continue reading this article to get acquainted with the best hotels in Tehran.

How to book hotels in Tehran cheaply?

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Esteghlal Hotel Tehran

Penis: Lobby of Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran

Esteghlal Parsian Hotel is the largest five-star hotel in Tehran. These two magnificent and historic towers are still glittering and captivate many tourists. Complete amenities, luxury restaurants with a varied menu and up-to-date sports equipment, promise a unique stay in the most luxurious hotels in Tehran. In addition, the proximity of Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran to Saadabad Cultural Complex, Tochal Cable Car, Mellat Park, Radio and Television Organization and Tehran International Exhibition has provided easy access to these places so that the guests of this luxurious hotel can have a pleasant stay without worrying about their goals. To get to the capital of Iran by traveling.

If you do not have the patience to walk to Mellat Park, you can go to Beautiful hotel garden Take a walk and enjoy your moments. Next to the exhibition and shop of paintings and handicrafts, leather goods shop and all kinds of gifts, jewelry and antiques inside Esteghlal Hotel, the distance from this accommodation center to the luxury and prominent shopping centers of Tehran is short to reach tourists in any way possible. Full way. To book Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran online, you can refer to the following address:

https://www.iranhotelonline.com/tehran-hotels/ Hotel-Esteghlal /

Esteghlal Parsian Hotel in Tehran is close to which places and sights in Tehran?

Esteghlal Parsian Hotel in Tehran is the closest hotel to the Tehran International Exhibition, the Radio and Television Organization and the Summit Hall, which can be easily reached with just a few minutes walk. The proximity of the hotel to Valiasr Street is another reason for the popularity of this hotel. Tochal cable car, Mellat Park and Saadabad complex will be easily accessible to you with just a maximum of ten minutes drive. Sama Center Shopping Center and Fereshteh Street are 1.5 km away and Tajrish Shopping Center and Square are 2.5 km away.

Spinas Palace Hotel


Penis: inside the room of 5 star hotel Spinas Palace Tehran

Spinas Palace Hotel in Tehran is one of the most popular hotels in Tehran Which has a luxurious and magnificent view. Accommodation in this accommodation center is less than accommodation in European palaces does not have. This is a luxury hotel It offers a variety of luxury services so you don’t even have to leave the hotel for business. The design of the Spinnaker Palace Hotel uses contemporary architecture and at the same time from Magnificent and wonderful architecture Tradition has been influenced to suit the tastes of all hard-core people. However, one should not forget the luxurious lobby, the extraordinary public spaces and the well-equipped and standard rooms of the Spinas Palace Hotel.

Combining traditional and western architecture with unique services, amenities and sports facilities in line with the world’s five-star hotels and unparalleled views, Spinas Palace Hotel is among the best and most luxurious hotels in Tehran and Iran. Maybe that’s why the name “کاخ»Have been chosen for it. Therefore, this hotel is the first choice for the stay of high-class political and business guests.

Evin Hotel Tehran

Evin Hotel in Tehran is one of the most beautiful hotels in Tehran (four stars). Located in a pleasant climate and with a great location, with facilities such as 24-hour room service, clothing stores, handicrafts, waterfall restaurant and campus, Chinese restaurant, Coffee shop, equipped conference halls, parking, special room for the disabled, men’s hairdresser, confectionery, green space, etc. promises a dream stay at Evin Hotel in Tehran. Maybe that’s why this hotel is the first choice of local and foreign businessmen and tourists. You can easily book this dream hotel by referring to Iran Hotel Online website.

Azadi Hotel

Azadi Hotel in Tehran is a hotel with a long history and at the same time is one of the most modern and luxurious hotels in Tehran. Extraordinary location of this accommodation center that is far from the area Traffic plan It has relieved the minds of guests to hold ceremonies and conferences in well-equipped and luxurious halls as well as the lobby of Azadi Hotel. The business center of this hotel with its excellent services such as Secretarial services, Copy, Print, Internet, along with numerous computers and color printers and luxurious service facilities in this area, do not leave any worries for participants in meetings and ceremonies. Enjoying the unique view and tasting delicious food while staying in the luxurious rooms of Azadi Hotel, are pure and unforgettable moments that you can taste only by staying in the hotel.

Spinas Boulevard Hotel

Spinas International Hotel, Tehran Boulevard, is one of the most luxurious five-star hotels in Tehran. Located in the heart of Tehran and its excellent access to all places in the metropolis, this hotel, along with the combination of modern architectural elements, instills a sense of luxury and glory. Luxurious and modern rooms and suites of Spinas Hotel Tehran with very good amenities, gym, Blue collection, Turkish bath, pastry, traditional restaurant, French restaurant, Thai restaurant, Mediterranean restaurant, conference hall, Special services for the disabled, ATMs, satellites and first aid, provide a dreamy and memorable stay for their passengers.

Novotel Hotel Tehran

Novotel Tehran Hotel is one of the most famous and well-known five-star hotels in Tehran with its unique decoration. This hotel from the first Airport hotels It is Iran that has been set up in Iran with the participation of the Accor France hotel group. Maybe the word Special Can express to some extent, Exclusive accommodation at the Novotel Hotel Be. Novotel Airport Hotel is especially suitable for travelers who want to change flights or need a short stay near the airport. Utilizing the latest facilities and in accordance with international standards, Novotel Hotel Tehran has provided a special and satisfying stay for the esteemed guests, special architectural style, design of four special rooms for the disabled along with different travel services such as preparing a flight card. In addition, the Novotel Hotel’s sauna, swimming pool, jacuzzi and gym are free for travelers staying at the hotel.

Not all hotels in Tehran include the above. The variety of hotels in Tehran is very large and in addition to luxury hotels such as Spinas Palace and Esteghlal Hotel, it also includes cheap hotels and apartment hotels to choose from depending on your taste and budget. By visiting the site ‌ Iran Hotel Online (irahotelonline.com) You can get acquainted with all the hotels in Tehran and make online reservations for the rooms you want.


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