Tehran will be snowy this weekend

Tehran will be snowy this weekend

Eghtesadnews: The director general of forecasting and rapid warning of the Meteorological Organization said: it will probably snow in Tehran on Thursday and Friday. After passing this system, we expect the provinces to face a decrease in temperature from late Friday and after that.

According to Eqtesadnews, quoting Mehr, Sadegh Ziaeian, director general of forecasting and rapid warning of the Meteorological Organization, told Khabar: “The precipitation system will enter the country from the northwest of the country from late Tuesday and will involve West Azerbaijan province.” From Wednesday, all the western half of the country will be affected by rain. This system is associated with the infiltration of cold weather and in many provinces such as East and West Azerbaijan, Qazvin, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Hamedan and central provinces will see snowfall, and in southern provinces such as Khuzestan, it will rain. Rainfall will continue on Saturday, like the provinces of North Khorasan and North Khorasan, the coastal provinces of the Caspian Sea and Semnan, Markazi and Yazd will see snow and rain.

Ziaeian said: “We have rains in the north of Fars province. We expect the system to be dangerous somewhere that there will be a lot of snow on Saturdays and Fridays, especially in the heights of Alborz mountain range, so the transportation axes from Ardabil to Gilan or from the provinces Gilan is facing many problems and it seems that it will rain well and cause problems. Apart from these areas where we expect heavy snowfall, it is snowing normally in other areas.

He said: Maybe it will snow in Tehran on Saturday and Friday. After passing this system, we expect to see a noticeable decrease in temperature from the end of Friday to the eastern provinces of North Khorasan and Razavi and north of South Khorasan. On Friday, the western and northern parts of the country and the provinces in this area will feel a decrease in temperature, and on Saturday, other provinces will feel a decrease in temperature.

Ziaeian said: “Today we issued two separate warnings, an orange warning was issued for snow. We hope that the devices will pay the necessary attention in this regard, especially since this is the first winter snowfall in the country.” We also gave a yellow warning to other provinces that have rain and snow together, while also mentioning the decrease in temperature, which days and which provinces will see it.

Reza Akbari, deputy director of the Roads, Transportation and Traffic Organization, also said in the program: “Now the main roads are open and traffic is underway, and there were only a few roads that had problems due to flood damage in previous years, which are being rebuilt and still closed.” . Therefore, the axis is not blocked due to rainfall.

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