Tejarat Bank has joined the field of electronic banking

Reza Dolatabadi in a conversation with public relations Tejarat Bank While congratulating the forty-first anniversary of the establishment of this bank, to explain the implementation process of the project Digital Banking Tejarat Bank paid and stated: In recent years, in accordance with the needs of the country’s economy, the higher authorities, including the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, have notified banks and service and economic institutions to plan the implementation of the digital banking project. In this regard, Tejarat Bank set up a digital banking project in the study and planning phase by launching a special committee for digital banking chaired by a member of the bank’s board of directors and with the presence of managers and experts in this field.

The CEO of Tejarat Bank referred to the studies conducted by reputable international research institutes in the field of digital banking and said: “According to the researches, digital banking is no longer just a leading option for banks to easily ignore; Rather, it is an inevitable necessity for banks to move forward, and banks around the world are actively pursuing digitalization discussions in their internal processes and services in order to meet the growing expectations of their customers.

Dolatabadi pointed out that Tejarat Bank’s activities in this regard are not limited to studies and planning, and the first big step in the implementation of the digital banking plan has been taken.

He added: Now Bank Trade in line Economic intelligence And preparing the infrastructure for the establishment of digital banking, through the “Emerald” project as a centralized ecosystem of digital solutions, has taken the first step to develop and promote the provision of offline services, more stable than ever to experience a more successful presence in the new world of banking Slowly Emerald ecosystem based on a brief description of the CEO of Tejarat Bank; It is a set of infrastructures, services and processes during which the “digital journey” of the customer is realized in the types of products that the bank offers. This means that digital authentication is the first step in the customer’s relationship with the bank of this journey and continues until receiving appropriate services. The services provided on this platform are organically grown, developed and expanded so that the bank can be present in the field of providing monetary and financial services in the country as an all-digital identity.

The CEO of Tejarat Bank pointed to the issue of increasing the impact of technology in people’s daily lives and changes in the attitude and behavior of customers and noted: This trend has caused banks to need constant change and transformation more than ever. To this end, and in order to respond appropriately and in a timely manner to this market and technology pressure, it is necessary for banks to transform their business model on the path to digitalization in order to increase satisfaction and improve customer experience, optimize and justify their costs and processes. .

Dolatabadi mentioned the implementation process of Tejarat Bank digital banking project in the last year and said: to succeed in this important project, culture building in the body of the bank staff was put on the agenda as the main action to be in line with the business environment and the world full of Change, this positive movement is moving forward in all directions. Accordingly, holding training courses and providing training content for all bank staff was included in the work plan of specialized working groups to increase the knowledge of staff, change in processes, organizational culture and attitude of bank employees to help achieve their goals to the maximum. Also, the activities of developing the required infrastructure and creating platforms for maximum utilization of banking data capacity and open interactions with other actors in the banking system were planned and deployed to align all of the bank’s activities with the ultimate goal of digital transformation.

Dolatabadi, stating that creating a digital transformation in any organization requires a comprehensive change in various elements of the collection, as well as upstream organs and stakeholders of the bank, added: It is necessary to make changes in different elements of an organization to say that the organization is moving towards digitalization . One of the pillars and axes of this transformation is decision-making and customer recognition in a data-driven manner. At this turning point, banks’ view changes from product-centric to customer-centric, and planning and production are done based on customer needs.

In conclusion, the CEO of Tejarat Bank, while congratulating the anniversary of the establishment of the Great Tejarat Bank and appreciating its hardworking staff and employees, said: “On this occasion, I consider it my duty to once again show the loving hands of esteemed customers and other stakeholders, including shareholders and the public.” In these difficult circumstances, in the face of the infamous Corona virus and the difficulties caused by the oppressive sanctions, I have to trust my servants in Tejarat Bank and cooperate with them, and I wish them good health and prosperity from God Almighty. .