According to Al-Jazeera, Lebanese President Michel Aoun stressed this evening: The draft prepared by Saad Hariri on the formation of a new Lebanese cabinet has no balance and has caused the country’s affairs to come to a standstill.

He added: “If the prime minister is incapable of forming a government of national salvation, he should step down and open the way for someone who has this ability to enter.”

In response, Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who is tasked with forming the Lebanese government, said: “I am ready to meet with Aoun, but if he cannot approve the members of the new cabinet, then he must provide the conditions for early elections.”

He added: “Early parliamentary and presidential elections are the only solution to the Lebanese crisis according to the constitution.”

In the middle of last year, the government resigned after the explosion of the port of Beirut. Since then, attempts to form a new government have so far failed. Saad Hariri has been in charge of forming the cabinet for several months, but it seems that the members he nominated for the ministries have not been agreed upon by Lebanese groups and the president himself as the main decision-maker.

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