“Terlan Parvaneh” and his brother over time / Photo

Tarlani butterfly The film and television actor posted pictures of his childhood and present with his brother in cyberspace. About the photo, he said that during the quarantine days, he thought of restoring his old photo with his brother and recommended it to all the people who are in the house, quarantined. He wrote in his post:

“Well, let me tell you the story of the photo on the right, n years ago, at this time, Khalem decided to make my grandfather look like our mom and dad and take a photo. We have now decided to recreate this photo so that his memory will come alive. You can with anyone. Now you are quarantined (or even alone) Recreate your old photo and tag me in your post and story and be sure to use the hashtag #after n years for me to see. Hashtag this challenge for myself. What year do you think this photo is for? “Is it? Have we changed or not?”

Tarlani butterfly