Terrible explosion of simultaneous use of herbal and chemical drugs in the stomach!

Despite the benefits of consumption Herbal MedicineTheir interaction with chemical drugs sometimes has irreparable consequences, so that experts have always warned about this issue and have banned the use of these drugs together. There is a long line in Attari stores in Dezful, and different people visit these stores to talk about their pain and ask for a solution or a potion to reduce their pain. The smell of perfumes is intoxicating and sellers who have a lot of experience in dealing with various diseases and clients try to offer the best. Herbal Medicine Treat them and attract more customers. In fact from thousands of years ago Herbal Medicine It is a source for treating all kinds of diseases and many people trust medicinal plants for their treatment instead of going to the doctor, because the healing and restorative abilities of different types of medicinal plants are impressive and known. This has made medicinal plants fresh and dried. And sold in different types.

Ali Rezaei, a citizen of Dezful, told IRNA: “Despite the recent spread of counterfeit drugs, I am no longer willing to go to the doctor at exorbitant costs, and I prefer traditional treatment when I have a problem or illness.”

Mohammad Jokar, another citizen, says: “Despite the staggering costs of chemical treatment, sometimes the desired result is not achieved, but using the herbal medicine several times solves the problem, so when a problem occurs, I do not want to see a doctor and solve the problem myself or other family members.” I will provide herbal medicine.

The great tendency of citizens to traditional medicine and the use of herbal medicines and the therapeutic, health, food and industrial capabilities of these plants have turned this field into a business and has caused a large number of applicants to enter this field.

In fact, the many applications and huge profits of cultivating medicinal plants have caused many countries to try to organize their economy by turning to this industry.

The people of Dezful have welcomed herbal medicines in the past years in such a way that the establishment of a traditional medicine health center in this city was proposed so that herbal medicines would be available to patients in the pharmacy of this health center.


Given that this acceptance is increasing day by day, it is necessary to clarify in this regard whether the use of these drugs has any side effects or whether it is possible to use a prescription of herbal and chemical drugs at the same time?

Elnaz Behrooz, an expert in charge of supervising pharmacies and drug distribution companies of Dezful University of Medical Sciences, told IRNA: “Consumption of herbal teas is very common in our country and people think that these teas guarantee their health. That the use of these drugs also has its own side effects.

Long-term use of some herbs is dangerous

“Long-term use of some herbs seems harmless at first glance, but these drugs can also have irreversible side effects and poisoning,” he said.

He said that patients often refer to perfumers and non-specialists to use herbs and herbal medicines, he said: Arbitrary use of herbs or herbal medicines for any reason can lead to recurrence of the disease.

Behrouz stressed that the simultaneous use of herbal medicines with chemical drugs may be dangerous, adding: “Many herbal medicines interact with chemical drugs and increase or decrease the effect of drugs.”

“Many plants have the lowest toxic dose and can cause poisoning if used in excess,” said the pharmacist.

He added: “The amount of consumption of herbs or herbal medicines affects the therapeutic effect of them and should be consulted with the treating physician or pharmacist.”

Herbal medicines also have side effects

Dezful University of Medical Sciences Vice Chancellor for Food and Drugs also believes that herbal medicines are scientifically on the same level as chemical medicines, and just as chemical medicines have side effects and interactions, herbal medicines also have their own side effects.

Davood Salmanpour added: “Some patients who take herbal medicines hide this issue when they see a doctor, which causes the effect of chemical and medicinal drugs to interfere with each other.”

He said: “Some herbal medicines have high-risk side effects that their interaction with chemical drugs has caused gastrointestinal bleeding, seizures and problems for cardiovascular patients.”

“Some diabetics who take chemical and herbal medicines at the same time suffer from many disorders such as retinal bleeding and severe kidney failure because diabetes interferes with the control of these drugs due to the interaction of these drugs,” he said, referring to the side effects of chemical and drug interactions in diabetic patients. And has caused many disorders.

Herbal medicine fraud has increased

Salmanpour said: “Herbal medicine supply stores have increased in the market and due to their illegality and lack of adequate supervision, many frauds are observed.”

He added: “The health of some drugs that are sold in unauthorized stores is not proven, and some of them have certain microbial contaminants that should be avoided.”

Medicinal plants training and research center in northern Khuzestan was forgotten

Dezful University of Medical Sciences Vice Chancellor for Food and Drugs stated: The Center for Training and Research of Medicinal Plants in North Khuzestan was supposed to be set up in previous years, and studies were conducted in this regard, but in principle there is no credit for setting up such a research center.

He added: “Setting up such a center requires credit and costs, which have not yet been considered a place to provide it.”

There is no specialist needed to set up a traditional medicine health center in Dezful

Regarding the establishment of a traditional medicine health center in pharmacies, Salmanpour said: “Unfortunately, there are only a handful of specialists in the field of traditional medicine health centers in northern Khuzestan, so it is expected that with the graduation of some of these specialists, a traditional medicine health center will be set up in pharmacies.”

According to the above-mentioned cases, it is necessary to pay more attention and supervision to herbalists and herbal medicine sales centers in Dezful city, and also people should be more aware of this issue, which is directly related to people’s health.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency