Text of the will of martyr Valiullah Seif

Fars News Agency has published the text of the will of a martyr named Valiullah Seif, in this will it is stated: He put in this way of ignoring everything and to
I look forward to his satisfaction and in this way I am willing to endure any hardship and suffering.

My father, I ask you to forgive and neglect any negligence in my duties towards you. Lord, have mercy on my parents as they raised me, and increase their goodness and forgive their sins.

My dear mother, the same things I wrote to my father also apply to you. Your only honor should be that your child is martyred in the way of God. You have to be a role model for all mothers who want to give their child to the community.

My dear brothers, I advise you to pray, fast and be pious. “My sister, be your role model Zainab and always be Zainab, especially in hijab.”