The 600 billion forgers of Golestan town were arrested

The head of the Greater Tehran Preventive Police announced the arrest of two members of a three-member gang of swindlers who had sold a villa in the town of Golestan worth 600 billion rials by forging a document.

According to ILNA, Colonel Jalil Moqawfai stated: The police officers of 141 Golestan town received a case of fraud and forgery of a document of a villa house by 2 women and a man, and put the case on the agenda and the arrest of the accused.

He continued: “Initial investigations indicated that the defendants first seized a villa house by documenting it and then, by inserting a sale advertisement, sold it to the plaintiff for 600 billion Rials and the plaintiff paid 200 billion Rials as payment.” The primary has paid the defendants.

The head of the Greater Tehran Preventive Police, pointing out that the plaintiff noticed the falsification of the defendants’ documents before paying the second installment and went to the police station to request their arrest, said: Two defendants have been arrested in their hiding places.

The police official clarified: both defendants confessed to the crime at the police station and were sent to prison with an appropriate bail order.

According to the police website, the endowed colonel pointed out that the arrest of the third defendant in the case and the discovery of other possible crimes are on the agenda. Refuse any contract or payment.