The 9th of Dey epic is one of the most valuable events in the history of the Islamic Revolution

According to Borna; The text of this statement is as follows:

“The epic of the 9th of January is one of the most valuable events in the history of the Islamic Revolution, which must remain forever in the memory of the revolution to be a lesson of insight, enmity and guardianship for future generations.

In 1988, when the deceitful hatred of the dissidents and sworn enemies of the Islamic system re-emerged and, like a war, various parties, groups and sects pledged allegiance to break the will of the Islamic Ummah and advance their sinister goals in Islamic Iran. To win, the revolutionary and visionary people once again showed their intellectual, political and revolutionary maturity to the world, and with their firm stance, they once again came out of this divine test proud.

The ignorant enemy who had used all his capacity to strike at Islamic Iran, as always, did not have a correct understanding of the deep and intimate connection of this nation with the guardian of the Muslims and their Ashura zeal, and that is why, as always, a strong fist was punched in their mouths. And they did not carry any luggage for themselves except humiliation!

Now this historical experience of civilization and full of lessons is in our hands and we all have the duty to preserve this divine trust. Celebrating and commemorating the epic of the people of Basir on January 30, 1988, is a public duty and this national epic should not be allowed to be forgotten. Neglecting the 9th of Diyat and its lessons and lessons will result in nothing but losses for us and happiness for the enemies of this nation.

On the anniversary of the 9th of Diyat, the Student Basij Organization, on behalf of all students, Basijis and those interested in Islamic Iran, announces that the Basir Ummah and the province of Islamic Iran, as always, have also identified any internal and external sedition and It will have a decisive and revolutionary approach.

Now that we are on the eve of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Martyr Haj Qassem Soleimani, a model of revolutionary insight and governorship, we assume that the name, path and ideology of this great martyr as the direct path of revolutionary life, and to achieve the ideals that blood “This martyr has been thrown at its feet. Let us not refrain from any effort or struggle.”