The amount of loans paid by banks exceeded one thousand thousand billion tomans

According to the news site Baaqtesad, quoting the Central Bank, Abdolnasser Hemmati announced: The amount of payment facilities of banks to various economic sectors in the eight months ending November this year is estimated at 1.044 thousand billion tomans, which is about 30% of this amount of facilities in the industrial sector have been.

He emphasized: about 59% of the payment facilities to different sectors have been working capital loans.

Bank payment facilities to economic sectors in 1998 was about 9 thousand and 749 thousand billion rials, which has increased by 26% compared to 1997.

According to the Central Bank on Tuesday, the share of payment facilities in the form of working capital in all economic sectors during the 12 months of 1998 amounted to 5261 billion rials, equivalent to 54% of the total payment facilities, which is equal to 21.8 compared to the same period in 1997. The percentage has increased.

Source: IRNA