The amount of money leaving the stock market at the end of autumn

According to Eghtesadnews, on the last trading day of December, the total stock market index stood at 1,439,000 units. While the overall index fell to 1.2 million in October, the index rose to 1.5 million in the last month of the fall. In December, the index had a volatile trend, but at the end of the month, compared to the last working day of November, it grew by 6.9 percent, until Stock return Be positive after 4 months.

Falling from the peak

After reaching the total index Exchange At the peak of 2 million units in the third week of August, it started to decline from the last week of August and at the end of this month recorded a negative return of 8%. Stock index At the end of September, it reached 1.5 million units and the stock market return at the end of September was negative 9%.


Positive stock market returns

In October, with the index falling to the channel of 1.4 million units, at the end of this month, the stock exchange yield was negative 11%. At the end of November, the index was in the channel of 1.3 million units and the return of the stock index was negative 4.7%.

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Market profit infographic at the end of December

At the end of December, the total index reached 1,439 units, which shows a growth of 6.9 percent compared to the last day of November. After 4 months when the stock exchange yield was negative, the stock exchange yield became positive in December.


Equilibrium index trend

The total homogeneous index of the stock exchange, simultaneously with the figure of 2 million units of the total index, recorded the highest figure in the history of stock exchange transactions on August 7, reaching the peak of 533 thousand units. But after that, it found a downward trend, so that at the end of August it reached 481 thousand units and compared to the end of July, 26 thousand units, equivalent to minus 5 percent, was lower.

The return of the homogeneous index at the end of September was negative 13.6 percent and at the end of October, with a figure of 393 thousand units, it recorded a negative return of 5.3 percent. At the end of November, the homogeneous index stood at 381,000 units, which had a negative return of 3.2 percent. But at the end of December, the homogeneous index was 56 thousand units higher and reached a return of 447 thousand units and recorded a return of 17.4 percent.


Exit from the crisis

The return of 7% of the total index and 17% of the equities index has been achieved in a situation where in December the net amount of real money entering the stock exchange was negative and 665 billion Tomans of real money left the market. This shows that despite the cross-sectional fluctuations and the outflow of real money, the stock market has been out of the downward trend of the last 4 months.