The beating and theft of a martyred mother in broad daylight angered the people of Susa!

1399/12/19 22:55:15

News ID: 8164

Some time ago, the people of Shousha beat the mother of martyr Mohammad Ansari in her house.

Today, ruthless thieves attacked the house of the mother of martyr Mohammad Reza Ansari located in the city of Rey.

Hedabat Ansari, the son of this martyr mother, said: The thieves attacked our house located in Shousha and beat my mother and wounded her in the back with the butt of a gun.

He also stated that the city of Susa needs a lot of security because the people of this region live in insecurity and darkness.

I have to say; The Friday Imam of the city of Susa wrote on his Twitter page: “Security is not about maneuvering, it is about implementing the divine limits correctly.”

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