The beating of a German tourist in Mazandaran became marginal + details

Philip Mark Graf, a German cyclist, arrived in Nashtarud, Mazandaran, on the 3rd of August last year and set up a travel tent in the city. Some people, after learning of his citizenship, deceived him and guided him to the beach. In addition to stealing property, This foreign tourist beats him

From the very first minutes of this unfortunate incident, the people and officials of this city apologized to this foreign tourist by attending the hospital and donating exquisite traditional gifts, and the police handed over the stolen items to a German cyclist after arresting all the assailants. And this foreign tourist leaves Iran for Germany after a while.

The assailants of the German cyclist Philipp Mark Graf were sentenced

Now, a few months later, after a thorough investigation of the case and obtaining the defense of the defendants, the judge of the first branch of the Nashtaroud General Court issued a verdict against the assailants of the German cyclist Philipp Mark Graf.

In this sentence, the judge considered the actions of the defendants as contrary to Islamic etiquette and hospitality and as a cause of hurting public trust, noting that the religion and culture of the Islamic Republic of Iran have always considered hospitality as a good and desirable trait and the actions of some immature young people as a result Regarding the general aspect of the crime, all six defendants in this case cannot be sentenced to two green sentences in addition to imprisonment and flogging. The judge’s sentence states that the German citizen, after the defeat of cancer in a symbolic and humanitarian move, In order to support cancer patients, he had pedaled in different countries. In addition to apologizing to him in one of the official news media of the country, the defendants distributed brochures introducing the Association for the Support of Children with Cancer (Mahak) and aid funds for this association in Tonekabon. Distribute and collect its functions. According to the judge’s ruling, these defendants must be socially active for up to two years to support children with cancer under the auspices of the Charity Association for Helping Children with Cancer.

Source: Rokna