The beginning of digital banking in Bank D.

Mohammad Ali Bakhshizadeh, Member of the Board and Deputy Chief of Information Technology, announced the news, according to Shaman News, quoting Bank D Public Relations: “Considering the preparation of the necessary infrastructure for the implementation of digital banking in Bank D, by changing the software associated with Bank D and Internet banking, the entry of banking into the field of digitalization began.

Referring to the emergence of the phenomenon of digitalization of financial and banking services in the field of modern banking and the need for Iranian banks to enter this field, he clarified: considering the need to move towards digitalization of service delivery processes, after completing the banking machine. Including; ATM, self-governing, non-cash terminal, gift card kiosk and ATM, in the first step, by changing the mobile software of Bank D and Internet Bank D, has developed its range of offline services. The most important of these services.

He added: “The process of starting to use services and defining the customer is one of the most important processes in the banking system that Bank D has provided the ability to open an in-person account and digital authentication for customers in a safe and comfortable environment by changing the bank and Internet banking software.” Is.

Bakhshizadeh, referring to the spread of the corona virus and the need for customers to make maximum use of offline banking services, said: “With the development of digital banking in Bank D, customers can reduce their travel to branches and access to banking services around the clock, a large part of From now on, they will receive the services they received from the branch easily and ultimately quickly and safely in person.

Announcing that the in-person facility application process will be designed for customers soon, Bank D’s Vice President of Information Technology said: “Bank D intends to update all its services and expand the range of in-service services with the vision of an efficient, secure and easy digital bank.” , To play its role in the country’s financial-banking ecosystem and increase customer satisfaction.