The best cinema selected by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association

The Best Director Award went to Chloe Zhao for “Homeless.” “Land of the Homeless” starring François McDormand at the Venice Film Festival won the Golden Lion.

A few days ago, Zhao received the Best Director Award from the New York Film Critics Association. He and his film are among the main Oscar chances ahead.

The Los Angeles Critics Association nominated Chadwick Bozeman for Best Actor. Buzman, who died of cancer last summer, won the award for his role in “Blackbottom Dance with Rini.”

The Best Actress award went to Carrie Mulligan for her role in “Promising Young Woman.”

The best international film, according to English critics, is “Beanpole” from Russia.

Best Cinema in 2020 by Los Angeles Film Critics Association

Best Picture: Small Ax Ax Collection

Best Director: Kidney Zhao for “Nomadland”

Best Actor: Chadwick Bozeman in “Blackbottom Dance with Us”

Best Actress: Carrie Mulligan in “Future Young Woman”

Best Supporting Actress: Glenn Thurman in “Blackbottom Dance with Renee”

Best Supporting Actor: Eun Yoo Jong in “Minaret”

Best Screenplay: Emerald Phenol for “Future Young Woman”

Best Stage Design: Donald Graham for “Monk”

Best International Film: “Beanpole” from Russia

Best Animation: “Wolfwalker”