The best hotels in Isfahan for honeymoon

Isfahan is one of the best and most popular domestic travel destinations, which provides ideal conditions for tourists with its very valuable buildings, wonderful architecture and various tourist attractions.

Isfahan is one of the best and most popular domestic travel destinations, which provides ideal conditions for tourists with its very valuable buildings, wonderful architecture and various tourist attractions. So that this city can be considered as a great choice to spend a memorable honeymoon and experience a few different days in its well-equipped and famous hotels. site Respina Hotel Reservation In the following, it will introduce some of the best hotels in Isfahan for the honeymoon.

Parsian Kosar Hotel, Isfahan

One of the best places to stay during your trip to Isfahan is around 33 bridges, and therefore most people are looking for hotel reservation options that are located around this valuable and spectacular area. For example, one of the best options for booking a hotel in Isfahan for a honeymoon is Parsian Kosar Hotel. This hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels in Isfahan, which started its activities in 1347 and is located a short distance from 33 bridges. Kowsar Hotel has very well equipped rooms and suites with a view of 33 bridges and has ideal facilities. In addition to the convenient location, this hotel has also been highly regarded by young couples due to its leisure and amenities. Pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, gym and green space and traditional tea house are among the facilities available at Kosar Hotel in Isfahan.


Abbasi Hotel Isfahan

To experience one of the most unique days during the honeymoon and travel to Isfahan, without a doubt, nothing can be more suitable than staying at the Abbasi Hotel. Isfahan Abbasi Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in the Middle East, which was built in 1106 AH by order of Shah Sultan Hossein Safavid and was used as a caravanserai. Over time, this hotel has been renovated and has become one of the most magnificent hotels in Iran and has been named the most beautiful traditional hotel in the Middle East. Staying in rooms with Iranian architecture and decorations that are engraved on the door and wall and the use of facilities completely creates a beautiful and unique contrast. The hotel has 3 floors and 225 rooms and suites are fully equipped and in its rooms can be free internet, TV, refrigerator, mini bar, tea maker, air conditioning and cooling and heating system and bathroom and Used Iranian and French health services.

The 5-star Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan has a very good location and is a short distance from the role of the world and Hasht Behesht Palace. It should be noted that the general facilities of the hotel include a swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, massage, gym, green space, traditional tea house, shopping center, currency exchange and library, and a rooftop restaurant, etc.


Excellent Qapo Hotel in Isfahan

Another excellent choice for honeymoon in Isfahan is Aali Qapo Hotel. This hotel is in the group of 4-star hotels in this city and is more than half a century old and stands on the banks of the Zayandeh River. Aali Qapo Hotel in Isfahan has been operating since 1346 and has 4 floors and 106 rooms and all of them have very suitable facilities for a memorable accommodation experience for young couples. Swimming pool, sauna, massage, Jacuzzi, taxi service, round trip transfer fee, restaurant, coffee shop, green space, internet in the lobby, studio, shopping center, services for the disabled, cargo service, laundry service, luggage room, announcement system Fire, telephone in the lobby, 24-hour reception are among the facilities offered at the excellent 4-star Qapo Hotel in Isfahan.

Sheikh Baha’i Hotel in Isfahan

It is only natural that the fewer stars a hotel has, the cheaper it will be. Due to the type of facilities, location and also the price of the rooms, booking Sheikh Baha’i Hotel in Isfahan can be a good choice for the honeymoon. This hotel is located on Chahar Bagh Abbasi Street in Isfahan, which is one of the most famous areas in the city and has easy access to places of interest. Sheikh Baha’i Hotel started its activities in 2009 and has 7 floors and 52 double and triple rooms. Of course, it should be noted that this hotel does not have a swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi and only its fitness equipment can be used.

Other hotels in Isfahan that have good facilities for honeymoon travel include Piroozi, Safir, Aseman and Avin hotels.

Online booking of Isfahan hotels

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