The Biden government accused Iran of trying to influence the US election

In a new report, US President Joe Biden’s government accused Iran, Russia and China of trying to influence the US presidential election, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

A statement issued by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence stressed that when a foreign government intends to interfere in the US election, the American people have a right to know the whole truth.

The administration of former President Donald Trump made a similar claim in a report before the US presidential election in November, accusing the governments of Iran, Russia and China of trying to interfere in the election.

However, US lawmakers at the time criticized the reports for what they called a “minimization of Russia’s role” and a “magnification of Iran’s role” and said that Donald Trump had steered election reports in the right direction.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence said in a report today that the release of such reports should be completely “non-partisan” and that is why the US intelligence community has demanded that these reports be released after each election.

“The information society assessment released today confirms what we all knew so far, and that Russia came in to support former President Biden and to harm President Biden, as well as to undermine confidence in our electoral process,” the report said. “It was done.”

The US intelligence community claims that Russia, through its deputies, has led a successful intelligence operation to infiltrate Trump’s inner circle.

The report alleges that Russia’s intelligence service, through agents close to Trump, leaked false information about the US political system in an attempt to undermine Biden and his candidacy.

The report also contains allegations against Iran and China: “This report also describes the actions of Iran and China in relation to the US elections, although the actions of these two countries are less systematic than those of Russia and have been carried out to a lesser extent. Is.”

“We need to tell the American people in a clear and unequivocal tone that different countries have different intentions and subtleties, and that the same threats to our free and fair elections,” “They do not count.”

The allegations come as the former director of intelligence at the Department of Homeland Security under Trump revealed that senior State Department officials pressured him to manipulate Iranian and Chinese intelligence to accuse him of trying to interfere in the US election.

Brian Murphy made it clear on September 11 that Chad F. Wolf, the acting US Secretary of Homeland Security, had instructed him in the spring of this year to begin reporting on Iran-China “interventionist activities” in the United States. .

Murphy refused to comply with the orders, stressing that following them would put the United States at significant risk, and his rank was demoted to the post of Secretary of Homeland Security in July.

The report comes as the new US administration, led by Joe Biden, claims to be working to advance diplomacy to bring the United States back to BRICS.

Joe Biden’s administration has said in recent weeks that it intends to bring the United States back to the BRICS nuclear deal, but has refused to take any steps to return to the deal.