The biggest refereeing mistake of the week

The tumultuous match between Peykan and Nasajee ended in a 2-1 victory for Peykan. In this match, Nesaji scored the first goal, but Peykan scored two goals and gained three points in this game.

This game, which did not have a live broadcast, was tumultuous in terms of refereeing. In two scenes of the textile club, it is believed that a penalty error occurred on their players, which according to the history of the (Islamic) textile player who has a history of burning in the penalty area, the refereeing team should be given a little right in this regard. Be cane and even suspicion.

But in the last minutes of the game, Nasajee managed to score an equalizer, which the referee ruled out. As the players of the textile team tried to score the second goal in the last minutes, they did not object much to this scene so that the game would resume and they would use the remaining time to reach the goal. But reviewing the scene of the second textile goal in the game with Peykan shows that there was no collision between the players of the two teams, and perhaps the visual error caused the referee to reject this goal.

The textile player jumps in the air more than the Peykan defender and passes the ball to the teammate in the depth of the defensive line; It is clear that the teammate is not in an offside position; But the referee seems to be announcing the textile player’s mistake; How the two textile and Peykan players came down after they jumped into the air after hitting it is clear that everything was normal, but the referee’s opinion is something else.

Naturally, in this scene, if the textile player of the textile team was in an offside position, the assistant referee should have raised the flag, and if an error had occurred, a collision should have taken place between the two players. Neither the referee’s flag was raised nor the striking player and the player who jumped for the purpose of high defense collided, but the midfielder seemed to blow the textile player’s whistle in his whistle and dismissed the goal.

Mahmoud Ghaederhamati managed to score in the final moments after shaking Peykan’s goalpost once, but his joy did not last more than a few seconds and the referee caught his teammate’s mistake to reject the player’s equalizer.

Reviewing this scene reminds us of the famous railway-copper game in Kerman in the last decade, in which the railway scored the right goal, but Mohsen Ghahremani, the famous referee of the Don Premier League, rejected it for no particular reason, and of course created many controversies and margins. کرد. In this game, when the attacker hits the ball, there was no player from the opposing team within a radius of one or two meters.

The judge of this competition, Ziari from Semnan, is one of the young judges who has suddenly started working and judging among the selected ones with the new policy of the jury committee, and of course, the respected official of the committee believes that it is necessary to open the doors for support; (probably) Even if it is so big at the wrong price that of course the jury is obliged to explain about it.