The bill on the teacher ranking system was submitted to the parliament

According to reports Economy News Explaining the necessity of submitting the teacher ranking bill, Hossein Ali Amiri was quoted by ISNA as saying: The bill has been submitted to the Islamic Consultative Assembly in order to create a legal mechanism to increase job motivation, acquire and improve teacher qualifications, as well as to adapt the payment system based on the competencies and results of teachers’ competitive performance.

He added: “Teachers are evaluated by assessment centers in a certain period of time based on the system of assessment of general, specialized and professional competencies, which in proportion to the results of individuals succeed in gaining, promoting, stopping and demoting ranks and changing career paths. Benefits are referred to as Extra Ratings.

The parliamentary vice-president pointed out: in this bill, 5 ranks are proposed, which allow the holders of ranks 1 to 5 to benefit from 50 to 210% of the privileges of the right to work and employment, respectively, under the title of extraordinary ranking.

According to Amiri, one of the strengths of this bill is the issue of teacher certification, which is a prerequisite for employment in the teaching profession and is updated every 5 years.