The brothers of the army become president, the country’s problems will be solved in a year / The United States does not have the missiles that we hit Ayn al-Assad / The world believes that only the leadership and Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah are right

According to Borna; Mohsen Rafiqdoost, the first IRGC minister in Iran, who was also present during the war command by the late Ayatollah Hashemi and served as the logistical deputy commander-in-chief and minister of the IRGC, believes that the military candidate within “1 year “It saves Iran from crises. Of course, this is in a situation where many political activists do not consider this option suitable for the current situation.” Rafiqdoost talked to a political reporter of Borna about this and examined the effects of the military candidate in Iran. Which you can read in detail below:

If a military becomes a candidate, it will not have an angle with the leadership

What is your prediction and assessment of the presence of a military candidate in the 1400 presidential election?

As a remnant of the first generation of the revolution, of which we are very limited, I believe that someone should be a presidential candidate who should consider his or her angle with the Supreme Leader before running for office. If a person has an angle with the leadership, he should not be a candidate. People must believe that with the constitution we have, the main ruler of the country is the leadership. In Iran, the people elect a person for the presidency and introduce him to the leader, and if the leader implements, that person becomes the president, so here the leader is the ruler.

On this account, do you consider the military candidate more suitable than other candidates?

We believe that if a military becomes a candidate, it will not have an angle with the leadership and the orders will be carried out.

They ordered Rouhani to meet with me

What do you think about the recent developments in the region and the change in relations, especially with the coming to power of Joe Biden?

The economic problems of this country will not be solved with Obama, nor with Trump, nor with Biden, God has given us a country with all the facilities; I said something in a public speech in 1960, which I will repeat after forty years. The problem of this country is solved with a 5-letter word. “Tulid” is a production that is done 100% with the attention and cooperation of the people. It should have two goals in production, and that is to satisfy the needs of the people and export. None of the previous governments have done this. Twenty years ago, the leadership told a group of students to go and produce knowledge. This was something that the government did not need and did not want the government’s order. Within 14 to 15 years, Iran’s scientific rank has risen from 143 to 14, but we are still in place.

On this account, do you consider economic problems outside of international relations?

I explained the problems of the resistance economy in 6 articles. They ordered Rouhani to meet with me, and I discussed those six things with him. Those are the same locks that stand in the way of people. Rouhani ordered Jahangiri and I met with him. The first term of the presidency was Rouhani and they said that we have appointed Tayeb Nia to count the problems for the people. 1508 My law and commentary and regulations were in the way of the people. I said take these together and tell them on TV, but they still haven’t.

If the brothers of the army become president, all the problems of the country will be solved in one year

So he believes that the only way to save the country is a military candidate and a military president?

If one of the brothers of the army becomes the president and obeys the word of the leadership and removes these obstacles, the problems of the country will be solved in one year. My address is to the people of Iran; I have nothing to do with reformists and fundamentalists, while I am inherently fundamentalist and a serious and real fundamentalist, but a fundamentalist who has always accepted and even supported a large number of reformists, and before the Rouhani government, the name I have taken some of them and said that they are hard workers who accept the province and should come to work. I do not accept the anti-provincial reformist.

On this account, in your opinion, will these candidates vote and gain the trust of the people?

The one who chooses is neither a reformist nor a fundamentalist. Those who assign are the gray votes who vote once for fundamentalism and once for reformism. My address is to them and I say vote for someone who is in the leadership line. I tell the fundamentalists not to ask for a share, see who has the popular vote and all gather and vote for him.

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Do you have any new news from Haj Ahmad Motusalian?

When Khorramshahr was liberated and Israel invaded Lebanon and a decision was made to mobilize and defend the Lebanese, I was the first to go to Syria and investigate the situation and meet with the late Hafez al-Assad. I met with the Lebanese and on the next trip I went with Sardar Rezaei and the late General Sayad Shirazi. Then the corps was supposed to send troops; On the day that the late Motusallian was sitting on the floor of the plane with a 747 plane without seats with 500 Basij guns sitting on the floor of the plane; I had set up barracks in both Syria and Lebanon, and we were there together. Of course, he came and went once or twice, but on the trip that led to his departure, I was in the embassy with Mr. Mohtashami. Javed al-Athar Motusalian came and Mr. Mousavi and two others were together. Mr. Mousavi was our agent in Lebanon and insisted that he go to his mission. When Hajj Ahmad said I want to go too, I said the situation there is bad, why do you want to go now, I even told him that in terms of the hierarchy of command in the IRGC, I am your commander here now and I will tell you and tell you in front of me until I come He took me and said, “Don’t tell me God, I want to go,” and I said, “Go,” and he said, “I want to go,” and I said, “Then I will not say a word.” He went and it happened. While I was in the IRGC, I followed up on their case in various ways, but we never reached a definite conclusion. There was various news, some said that Ahmad is a character who will not allow him to be captured at all. This was a word and some people said that they resisted and got involved and martyred him. Some said that he had been extradited to Israel, and all this was news, until those who were arrested said that he had been extradited to Israel. We followed the news that was coming, and sometimes we saw that the news was not true. We did not receive any definite news about them.

You mentioned the war, how do you evaluate the command of the war by Ayatollah Hashemi?

Mr. Hashemi is a unique figure before the revolution and during the victory of the revolution. During the war, he was in charge of the war on behalf of the Imam, and as long as he believed that the war should continue, he fully commanded and did not give up, and at one point he came to the conclusion that the war should end. He was the commander and moved the scene in a way that led to a ceasefire. Usually, the Defense Council was decisive in the operations, and Mr. Hashemi never determined the operation, and the army and the IRGC, individually or jointly, determined the operation, and almost when the operation was scheduled, they both approved and we, the supporters. We were supporting. Therefore, he believed that we should have a brilliant operation and then accept the ceasefire, and when he saw that this was not happening, he removed me from the war and then formed the war headquarters by the government. He called me and said that the government was chanting the slogan of war, but Full height does not come in war. I want to throw the ball on the government ground and you, who are the main fighters, sit in your ministry. I had two positions, one was the minister of the IRGC and the other was the deputy logistics of the commander-in-chief, and he said, “I will tell you that position as the commander of the war. I want to form a new headquarters for the war, Mr. Prime Minister, the head and Mr. Nabavi, the deputy director of logistics, that is, instead of me and Mr. Roghani, the program and budget, and Mr. Khatami, propaganda, etc. They ask when the war will end and lead to It becomes a story you know and a ceasefire is accepted.

But today we are talking about a generation that is 32 years old. Wouldn’t it have been better if we had accepted the ceasefire sooner?

I say no to an 80-year-old man because nothing happened after the liberation of Khorramshahr. We had liberated a noisy place, but the enemy was in control of all the military and military repression points, and we also gave the enemy the opportunity to equip himself for six months, and this time to come to Tehran; So we said take the war into Iraqi territory.

An attack on Iran will not cost any enemy as much as it can

In this situation, where there is a risk of war for the country, are some extremists beneficial?

There are all kinds of problems in our country today, but no one talks about defense problems. An attack on Iran will not cost any enemy as much as it can. The war must have a goal, so after the victory of Khorramshahr, defense self-sufficiency began in the country. During the war we became self-sufficient in land warfare. We started building missiles at the same time and used them in the war, and after the war, the generations after me came that I have to kiss their hands, who walked this proud path. We are in places today, some of which do not even have the United States. The United States does not have the missiles that hit Ayn al-Assad. We are not worried about a military strike today. I have to tell a memory; When I wanted to build today’s defense infrastructure for the country in those years, a plan was prepared with the Deputy Minister of Industry of the IRGC, together with my brother Alizadeh, who was my deputy. We organized 18 groups and put everything from bullets to submarine missiles and planes on the agenda, including the 18th group, which was “Shmr or Shmh”. I arrived at the Imam’s service and reported, and the Imam said, “What is the last one?” ? I said chemical and microbial and radioactive or chemical and microbial and nuclear that the Imam said is the last atom? I said yes and the Imam said no, if we want an atom, we have an atomic energy organization and you do not look for an atomic bomb and think about its chemical and microbial defense. When I wanted to leave the meeting, they called me and said, “Do you know why I did not want to build an atom?” They said that we have not come to destroy greed and generation. These are not weapons to defend the country, but weapons that destroy generations.

The greatness of the Islamic Republic was for the five world powers to sit against Iran

Are you against negotiations and international relations on this account?

As long as the United States is the United States and says I have interests in the Middle East and I will beat anyone who stands in front of me, can an agreement be reached with the United States? Either we must come down from the principles of the Islamic Revolution or the United States must come down from its arrogant nature. So we have to be strong enough to stand up to America. This is from forty years ago and now we say the same thing. After World War II, when Mohammad Reza had just become Shah, Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin came without the knowledge of the Iranian government and sat in Saadabad Palace, dividing Iran for themselves, and the then Prime Minister informed the Shah that this was very much the case. It is unfortunate that they come and do not give you a place, and he offers to meet the king with these three people. Churchill and Roosevelt do not give up, and Stalin apparently receives a large gift and has a five-minute meeting, during which he says nothing and just sits down. But after the revolution, although Borjam did not bear fruit completely, but it was the greatness of the Islamic Republic that 5 powers plus Germany sit on one side of the table and on the other side of the table Zarif and a few young colleagues. What did not exist in the world before the revolution was Iran, but today, according to them, there is nothing in the Middle East without Iran.

The world believes that only the Supreme Leader of the Revolution and Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah are right

The ambassador of one of the most economically powerful countries made an appointment two years ago and came to me; I was surprised because I do not have a government position. I asked why you came to me. He said: Today, in the world, Trump, Putin, Shinzo Abe, and so on, are lecturing and listening to a part of the world, and everyone believes that Trump is lying, but two people This side of the world speaks and everyone listens and believes that these two people are right, one is the Supreme Leader and the other is Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah. The ambassador said you are right, but tell me how Israel is going to be destroyed, and I explained to him that we are not going to destroy Israel, it is going to be destroyed. Therefore, this is our place in the world today. If we want to be politically short on economic issues that can be solved inside the country, we have also lost economic issues. We must proceed with the same diplomatic authority. We have no problem or war with anywhere except the two countries anywhere in the world, but we are definitely defending ourselves in such a way that no country wants to go to war with us.

Do you agree to hold a referendum for a better decision in the field of international relations?

A referendum has steps in the law, and if the legal steps are taken, there is no prohibition, but a referendum should not be held on any issue.

As a final question, I want to tell you about the creeping coup. Reality, what was it?

That meeting was not a meeting, but a large crowd was present in Valiasr barracks. I was also Sardar Rezaei, he was the inviter of Shahid Mahallati and he also stood up and came and went to a high place and took out a piece of paper and said: I am coming from Jamaran, tell the brothers of the Revolutionary Guards, comrade Doost and Rezaei are not changeable and these voices Which is coming to Valiasr barracks today is from the throat of the United States. That was the principle of the day. Those who had those objections created a margin. 6